It seems like ever since the release of DSU in 2014, Alex G has been at it non-stop, releasing Beach Music, his first album for Domino Records in 2015, and of course, he toured non-stop and seemed to never take a break. Things were a little bit quieter for the band last year, but we had a feeling something had to be on the way. It was just a matter of time.

Sure enough, today Alex G has announced a brand new album named Rocket, which Domino will release on May 19 (preorder here). With today’s announcement he’s also released two offerings from the album, “Bobby” and “Witch.”
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Hideout – “Doctor”

By Will Oliver, November 16th 2016


(Photo by Scarlett Connolly)

Hideout is the project of Manhattan-based songwriter Gabriel Rodriguez, who has been a long-time member of Cults. He released his debut album Rookie in 2014, and will return with his sophomore album So Many Hoops/So Little Time on February 3, 2017 via Small Plates Records.

Rodriguez has given us a taste of the album with the warm and welcoming “Doctor.” Although the sounds are warm, there’s a lingering feeling of nostalgia on the track that digs deep. This is no mistake, as the album is a bit of personal reflection for Rodriguez, who tragically lost his brother.

It’s a strong offering from Hideout, definitely one of the first under the radar projects to keep an eye on early next year. You can pre-order the album now, and enjoy a stream of “Doctor” posted below.
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El Mar – “Just My Body”

By Will Oliver, November 7th 2016


Photo by Ken Grand-Pierre

El Mar is project of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Joey Primero, along with a collective of NYC musicians. She’s gearing up to release her debut full-length album next year, but she’s already given us our first taste in the form of the album’s first single, “My Body.”

Amazingly the track was written in just 15-minutes on the ukulele, but what’s even more astonishing is the powerful message that Primero delivers with the track. When asked about the meaning behind the song, here’s what she had to say:

It’s for and about women, and the difficult choices they sometimes have to make. Those decisions are tough, and incredibly personal, and women should have the right to do what is best for themselves and their bodies.

It’s the sort of message that we can really use these days, especially with such a big election just a couple of hours away.

Enjoy the powerful track, which is posted below.
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[new]: Sam Seeger – “It’s Alright”

By Will Oliver, September 2nd 2016

Sam Seeger

Sam Seeger has returned once again with “It’s Alright,” the latest vicious ripper of a track from Rockland County’s finest.

It’s one of Seeger’s more experimental jams to date, with some futuristic synth and electronic sounds making their way with his already signature riffs, and some chilled out 90s-minded vocals on top of it all. It’s another winner, and it has us wondering when he’s going to drop a full album of material soon.

Not only did Sam play everything on “It’s Alright” (guitar, drums, bass, drum machine, and synth) but he also recorded, mixed, and mastered it on his own. Well now I feel even more lazy about what I did today.

You can stream the track below, but if you like what you hear, head over to the track’s bandcamp page to purchase it for $1.
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Eagle I Stallian

After experience in the field of heavy rock, Montreal-based group Eagle I Stallian dove into the world of electronic, bringing elements of trance, house, combining into something different than the standard house or EDM fare.

Take their new single “Between Dreams” a big, pulsating house track that spans a wide range of feelings and emotions, taking time to build its hypnotic electronic soundscape before the clear cut vocals of Brandon Mignacca step in and take it one step further.

Stream the original mix of the track below, and if you like what you hear the song is available to snag over at iTunes.
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Jane In Space – “Feel It Alive”

By Will Oliver, August 10th 2016

Jane In Space

Out from space and now in New York City, Jane In Space make industrial rock with a sense of dreaminess as seen on “Feel It Alive,” a track taken from their self-titled new album which will be released on August 19.

“Feel It Alive” wastes no time jumping into its lively world of electronic-rock goodness, with a thumping bass and swirling synths, paving the way for the vocal work of lead singer Tom Vickers. It doesn’t take much time at all for Jane In Space to win you over and make you feel alive with the readymade “Feel It Alive.”

Stream it below and keep your eyes pealed for more on the trio coming soon.
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Premiere: Kamron Bahani – “La Leggenda”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2016

Kamron Bahani's - Serpenti Accordo EP

The name Kamron Bahani may be new to you, although if you’re familiar with this blog than the name may ring a bell. Kamron used to go by Kuhlamity, but after a few years away from the game he’s dropped the moniker and is now going by his full name. A rebirth if you will.

He’s returning with a brand new EP titled Serpenti Accordo on August 23 that will act as his official return to the game. But for now, we have the official honor of premiering his brand new single “La Leggenda,” taken from the EP.

Sitting at a compact and tidy runtime of 2:18, “”La Leggenda” moves at a brisk speed with Kamron’s ridiculous fast rhymes that hold no prisoners. Immediately you notice a sense of growth towards the second half with some of his best production yet, with memorable lines that are timely enough to reference things such as Pokemon Go.

This is an evolution from Kuhlamity in every way, he’s emerged, bigger, strong, and better than ever.

Stream “La Leggenda” below and stay tuned for more news about the EP and some live shows.
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[new]: Sam Seeger – “What’s Happening”

By Will Oliver, August 4th 2016

Sam Seeger - What's Happening

Fellow Rockland County resident Sam Seeger has returned and blessed us with another great new song titled “What’s Happening” that is too good to ignore.

The track runs by briskly at two-minutes in length, delivering classic rock vibes and vicious guitar riffs that are complimented with the work of New Myths‘ Rosie Slater behind the drum kit. The chilled out, almost stoned vocals work well alongside the guitar solos that are just waiting to break free.

You can buy “What’s Happening” for just $1 over at Sam’s bandcamp right now, and get a taste via the stream directly below.
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[new]: Local Natives – “Past Lives”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2016

Local Natives

It’s been three years since we last heard new music from Local Natives, but today that changed with the surprise release of a brand new song named “Past Lives.” The band premiered it last night at a surprise show in Los Angeles, and today they released a stream to the rest of the world.

“Past Lives” features some of those ever-familiar and delightful vocals, keeping that familiar sound while also taking a big leap forward in terms of scope and incorporation of some new elements that create a much bigger sound. This song will satisfy all of the bands fans, delivering big harmonies and percussion, all under one big shiny package.

We can only assume that “Past Lives” will be included on their eventual third album, which hopefully will be released sometime this year. For now, “Past Lives’ will certainly hold us over.

Enjoy it below along with a message that Local Natives’ Taylor Rice provided along with the song:
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Noah Chenfeld – “Give You What I Want”

By Will Oliver, April 4th 2016

Noah Chenfeld

New Yorker Noah Chenfeld first caught our attention in early 2014, with his very Strokes-esque single “Get Lost.” A few years have since past, and Chenfeld has returned with a rather beautiful mature offering by the name of “Give You What I Want.”

There’s a loungey jazz quality to “Give You What I Want” that instantly clicks and is smooth sailing all the way. Everything about the recording is a mature step in the right direction, from his vocals to the welcome saxophone appearance towards the end of the song.

Excited to see what else Chenfeld has waiting for is in the near future. For now, enjoy the stream of “Give You What I Want” below, along with a live performance that he did as a part of Kurrent Music’s “Dorm Sessions” below that.
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