Premiere: Hospital – Right On

By Will Oliver, September 30th 2014

Hospital - Right On

Last year Russian rockers Hospital captured my heart with their lovely single “Lust For You,” which ended up making my list of the best songs of the year.

Next month they will return with a new EP titled Satellite Flare. Today, we have the honor and privilege of premiering the EP’s first single, “Right On.” Here’s how the band describe the song:

“Right On” is the song about joy. Not a particular joy but the feeling you get accidentally when you do not expect it. The lyrics is pretty simple just because we don’t wanna use all these heavy forms to explain easy things. In some way this is a tribute to guitar bands of the 60th. The song is very uplifting and inspiring, which is truly important for this time. We also would like to say special thanks to our sound producer Korney Kretov from Xuman Records Studio for this record.

There’s definitely a youthful hopeful quality to “Right On” that sounds like a sunny afternoon well spent with those who mean the most to you. Enjoy it via the stream below.

Aphex Twin Listening Party for “Syro”

By Dana Pacifico, September 10th 2014


When word got around that Richard D James, better known as Aphex Twin was releasing Syro, his follow up to Drukqs and first album in 13 years, the music world got giddy with excitement. There was an announcement August 29th that eight listening parties around the world, taking part over the course of five days, would get the rare opportunity to hear the highly anticipated album before anyone else.

This experience was one of the most interesting I’ve ever been a part of. Tickets were given out through a lottery and when something like this comes around, you do not want to pass it up. Because there is simply nothing to lose, but plenty to gain. Verboten in Brooklyn was the place to be at 6 p.m. on September 6, the night of the New York listening party. Security was strict with phones being turned off, and understandably so. In turn, it was nice seeing everyone put their phones away and forced to talk face to face with people you do not really know. It was surprising the amount of room there was. You knew they had the ability to fill it out to capacity floating around 750, but it was much more intimate sitting at about 100. Everyone was facing the stage even though all knew that no one was physically going to be playing there at that moment, but clearly we all thought it was necessary.

Finally it got underway, first song was Aphex Twins most recent single “mini pops 67 (source field mix)”. Apparently, this song isn’t new at all though, true fans have known this song for years through his live show. After that ended I got lost. But, in the best possible way to get lost. Since everything was new and disconnected from the outside world I allowed myself to just go on this journey Richard D James wanted me to hear before the rest of the world. It got deep; there were layers of beats. Certain points throughout are going to be exciting to hear again to discover new rhythms. It gets groovy and dare I say that you ever so briefly hear some Daft Punk-esque robotic dialect sprinkled in. The last song, “aisatsana”, I remember being particularly beautiful with the atmospheric piano, a stunning outro. The hour-long event seemed to go by rather quickly. I did not catch myself getting bored during any of the songs; everything was new and exciting and my ears wanted to hear whatever he was going to feed them. It’s a shame I only got to hear it once.

Syro is jam-packed with all the key elements that make-up a stand out electronic album. Those hard hitting acid beats, ethereal classical notes, funk that could get anyone dancing. It is a composition of exquisitely laced together rhythms.

Syro, is out via Warp Records September 22, 2014. You can preorder it here.

Wampire – Wizard Staff

By Will Oliver, September 4th 2014


On October 7 Portland natives Wampire will release new album Bazaar on Polyvinyl Records. The album is the first taste of the new version of band, who have grown from a duo to a quintet.

After many months spent on tour, founding members and primary songwriters Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps immediately went to the making of a new album trying to “capitalize on the creative energy that had been steadily amassing during their days, weeks, and months on the road.”

Here’s how Phipps describes the time:

I holed up in a tiny room within a friend’s warehouse and began knocking out as many different songs as I could. I tried not to look back, just wanting to explore everything I could possibly create. I started to feel like I was becoming a Kafka-esque insomniac musical novelist at one point.

The band have shown tremendous growth in the record’s first single “Wizard Staff.” It’s an impressive return for the band who add new elements to their sound, including some jazzy saxophone bits in what could be most easily described as a dreamy Ariel Pink meets Mac DeMarco sound.

Stream “Wizard Staff” below.

Wizard Staff:

Foxes In Fiction – Ontario Gothic

By Will Oliver, September 4th 2014

Foxes In Fiction

Toronto native Warren Hildebrand, known in the music world as Foxes In Fiction, is gearing up for the release of his sophomore Ontario Gothic, which will be released via his own label Orchid Tapes on September 23.

He already shared the stunning track “Shadows Song”, and now he’s let go of the title track, “Ontario Gothic.” It’s a heartbreaking song that details the death of Hildebrand’s friend Cait, who passed away in 2010 and to whom the album is dedicated to. Instead of sounding bleak or morbid, it’s more of a melancholic celebration of his friend, sounding bright and hopeful. It’s honest and beautiful. Like “Shadow’s Song” it features violin arrangements by Owen Pallett.

Listen below.
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Damon Albarn – Sister Rust

By Will Oliver, September 2nd 2014

Lucy Soundtrack

Damon Albarn has had a very productive 2014, releasing a fantastic new album, and delivering a memorable tour. In between all that, he found time to record a song called “Sister Rust” that he wrote for the new Luc Besson film Lucy, which stars Scarlett Johansson.

While I didn’t enjoy Lucy, “Sister Rust” is a stunner. It’s got that signature Albarn touch that just leaves you feeling all kinds of warm inside.

Stream it below.
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2:54 – Orion

By Will Oliver, September 1st 2014


2:54, the London duo of sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow will return with new album The Other I on November 11 via Bella Union.

First single “Orion” is a striking and rich song that dwells in a dark overcast atmosphere but finds a way to give rays of hopeful light throughout the process. There’s a similarity to acts like Warpaint, which is a very good thing, if you ask me.

Stream “Orion” below.
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Tennis – I’m Callin’

By Will Oliver, August 29th 2014


“I’m Callin'” is the first new song to be shared from Tennis’ upcoming new album Ritual In Repeat (due out September 9 on Communion Records).

It’s a feel-good pop song with a very 80s feel to it. A perfect night cap for the fading days of summer. It was produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, who produced the album along with Jim Eno of Spoon and Richard Swift.

Real Estate – Paper Dolls (The Nerves Cover)

By Will Oliver, August 28th 2014

Real Estate Had To Hear

Real Estate recently released “Had To Hear” as their latest single off Atlas. The b-side is a cover of The Nerves’ “Paper Dolls.” Here’s bassist Alex Bleeker explaining why they choose this song:

I’m drawn to the Nerves’ intricate guitar work. We’re interested in creating similar guitar parts for Real Estate, but the Nerves have a more aggressive sound so I thought it would be fun to wear that “musical costume” for a while. Blondie already did a pretty good job with “Hanging on the Telephone” so “Paper Dolls” seemed like the next logical choice.

In typical Real Estate fashion they stay loyal to the original while added enough of their own flavor to make it somewhat their own. Stream it below.

The band recently stopped by The A.V. Club to perform a cover of The Cranberries’ “Linger.” Watch that right here.

[new]: Deerhoof – Exit Only

By Will Oliver, August 28th 2014


Deerhoof have announced that they will release new album La Isla Bonita on November 4 via Polyvinyl Records. The album features music tributes to musical heroes of theirs such as David Bowie, Ric Ocasek, The Roots, Lou Reed, David Byrne, Sonic Youth, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, and Beck. All mighty good choices.

They’ve shared the heavy-hitting and somewhat straightforward (for Deerhoof anyway) first single “Exit Only.” The guitars chug in blissful manner working magically with Satomi Matsuzaki’s always familiar vocals.

Stream “Exit Only” below.
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