Pitchfork Music Festival

Preview: Pitchfork Music Festival 2017

By Will Oliver, July 7th 2017

The Pitchfork Music Festival has been going strong since 2006 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The annual July pilgrimage by thousands of music lovers to the beautiful city of Chicago has once again put together a strong line up. Obviously many speak of going to Chicago for Lollapalooza, but this far more intimate affair is really the festival you want to hit in the windy city.

Everyone knows when they go to a festival who is headlining each day. This year’s trio is LCD Soundsystem, A Tribe Called Quest, and Solange. None of them need many words written about them since all three have tirelessly proven themselves over and over again. The undercard is truly what people need to look towards in today’s festival environment since there are so many now to choose from, it’s the undercard that sells. So here are some of the best of what the undercard has to offer.
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Pitchfork Music Festival 2012: Round-Up

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2012

Now that I’m covering more festivals, I think it’s time that I do a round up that puts a nice end cap on everything. This year was my first time going to Chicago, and the Pitchfork Music Festival. I loved every part of both.

The festival was on the smaller side, which was rather refreshing. I was able to run back and forth from stage to stage, catching at least a good part of every act. Met lots of great people, and ate some good food.

For me, my favorite sets of the weekend in order would have to be Hot Chip, Vampire Weekend, Chromatics @ Lincoln Hall, outside of festival grounds), Dirty Projectors, Sleigh Bells, Beach House and Japandroids.

It was hot almost all of the time, and rained pretty hard on and off on the first two days. The festival started around 1 and ended around 9-10 each day, which is pretty ideal.

Overall, I had a great time at the festival and definitely would recommend it to anyone who is considering it. Check out my full coverage of the festival right here or check out my posts via a day by day listing in the scheduled order, below.
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Vampire Weekend @ Pitchfork Music Festival (July 15, 2012)

By Will Oliver, July 18th 2012 — with 2 comments

Vampire Weekend released Contra only two years ago, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. From the crowds overly positive reaction throughout their set, you can tell they have been dearly missed.

The band is currently at work on their new album, so they stuck to their guns, delivering all their familiar classics, which the crowd had no trouble singing along with. They even found ways to surprise, playing “I Think Ur A Contra”, the tremendously overlooked Contra closer. They delivered a heart-warming performance with finesse and grace that displayed a softer side to the band.

That didn’t last long, as the hits were to be played. The band are one of my favorites, but hearing this songs live again even found a way to remind me of why I love this band so much. Sure “A-Punk, “Holiday”, “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” and the like were great to hear, but the real treat was “Diplomat’s Son”, which the band has perfected, much contrary to the rougher version I heard when I saw them last. (don’t worry, my writing was even rougher back then too).

They played one new song, and I can tell it’s already a soon to be Vampire Weekend classic. Midway though I already had it stuck in my head and could tell it would be one that we’d soon be singing at future festivals.

Breathe in, and breathe out. Vampire Weekend are back folks. And this is just the beginning. Hit the jump for a big collection of photos from the set.
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The amount of power and beauty that Beach House deliver towards a live audience is just not fair. We weren’t built to sustain such powerful emotions, we’re sensitive beings you know.

Beach House so swiftly summon up so much power through their music, that they don’t really have to do too much on stage except play the dramatic roll and summon themselves in smoke blasted by black and white brackets. It works too. The band has come a long way over the past few years, and they’re currently at their musical peak.

Find a group of photos from the performance in the gallery below.
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King Krule @ Pitchfork Music Festival (July 15, 2012)

By Will Oliver, July 18th 2012 — with 3 comments

I’ve seen King Krule a few times over the last year and it seems like his band is always changing. That was due to happen, and it’s caused his music only to become more improved. The kid is only a kid, and it’s only a matter of time until he really settles into his own. He’s already one to watch, but give him a few years and he will be one of the top members of his class.

As long as Archy is at the helm, the song quality will remain with the King Krule name, and that’s all that matters.

AraabMUZIK @ Pitchfork Music Festival (July 15, 2012)

By Will Oliver, July 18th 2012 — with 1 comment

For just one man with a lot of buttons and ability, AraabMUZIK is able to really get the crowd into things. His set got even wilder when he was joined by a whole crew of people as over-hyped 16-year-old rapper Chief Keef came on stage to perform that song that you probably know, without knowing it. If not, you may as well familiarize it on your own terms.

Not really my style of music,  but considering it’s just one guy doing his beats on stage, it was interesting to watch.

The fact that Lady GaGa came to watch Kendrick Lamar’s set let’s you know just how far this guy has come. He’s soon going to be one of the breakout rap stars of the next few years, so it was cool to see him perform right before the storm takes off. The man is one of the best rap lyricists that have come out of the scene in a while, if you ask me. Live he isn’t the flashiest, but his material is strong enough that it allows him to get by.

Ty Segall @ Pitchfork Music Festival (July 15, 2012)

By Will Oliver, July 18th 2012 — with 3 comments

Ty Segall and his band created their own bit of ruckus, giving a performance that was every bit as rock and roll as advertised. I had to leave to go catch another set, but it was tough for me to leave. In a day packed to the brim with louder than advertised guitar rock, Ty Segall held their ground, making a case as to why they were the band to see that day.

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