Lilyer – “Never Getting Closer”

By Will Oliver, February 6th 2018

Growing up in Norway, Marte Solbakken was raised by two musician parents. But when her family fell apart, she quit music and didn’t pick up an instrument for nearly a whole decade. This finally changed during a New York blizzard, where she picked up a guitar again and began writing what would become her first songs.

She eventually spent time in bands as a member of WATERS and fronting Elskling. Both of these experiences were leading up to her launching a solo project of her own under the name Lilyer for which she will release her debut EP Maybe This Is All You Can Be on April 13 via Norweigan record label Jansen Records.

Lead single “Never Getting Closer” is a perfect first glimpse at the talented musician who seems to be a natural fit for glowing electro-pop that is done in both grand and intelligent fashion. If only American pop music was this good.

Find “Never Getting Closer” below and find it available to buy on her Bandcamp.
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Livia Blanc – “Chocolat Café Passion”

By Will Oliver, February 2nd 2018

Livia Blanc is a French singer who now calls Brooklyn home. She recently released her new single “Chocolat, Café, Passion” cinematic pop perfection that sounds like it could’ve come from a sunny studio session in the 60s. This is the sort of bright and uplifting song that we need at the moment and the lush production makes this thing pop and shines with some lovely string arrangements that give it a particular shine.

Enjoy a stream of “Chocolat Café Passion” below and find the song available buy over on iTunes if you’re digging it as much as I am.

Ariel Beesley – “Slower Than Usual”

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2017

23-year-old Ariel Beesley channels 80s new wave and electronic pop with confidence and ease on her single “Slower Than Usual.” It’s a winning formula that results in a refreshingly sincire and bright-minded delivery that a lot of mainstream pop is missing.

“Slower Than Usual” was recorded uring a songwriting retreat at Aviici’s studios in Stockholm, and the influence of Swedish pop on the track can definitely be felt in the tracks DNA. Plain and simple, this is pop music done right folks.

Enjoy a stream of “Slower Than Usual” below and you can grab the track over at iTunes.
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Salt Cathedral – “Always There When I Need You”

By Will Oliver, December 5th 2017

Salt Cathedral have been a part of the live NYC for some time (we caught them this year and in 2015), with their reputation as an act to watch coming from nearly everyone whose seen the duo of Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada perform.

The band is finally preparing to release their debut album Big Waves / Small Waves and it is looking mighty promising based on lead single “Always There When I Need You.”

Influenced by tropical sounds and channeling the liveliness and dance culture of the pair’s Colombian upbringing, they capture a beautiful energy that sits nicely between the worlds of Slyvan Esso and Hundred Waters. It’s a winner.

Find the track available to stream below and stay tuned for more on their debut album very soon.
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Be The Bear – “Erupt”

By Will Oliver, December 5th 2017

Be The Bear is the project of Swedish musician Christina Wehage. It won’t take long for her debut single “Erupt” (released via her own label Loud Attic Records via Kobalt) to erupt in a big way or win you over.

It does everything that bland American electro pop gets so wrong. Offers some smart production with strings, big vocals, and a smart and effective chorus that proves you don’t have to dumb things down to write a beautiful pop hook. It’s yet another wonderful pop offering from Sweden, who would’ve guessed?

The fact that this is her debut single is downright unfair. This is so fully realized and well made, she’s got a promising career ahead of herself, that’s for sure.

Enjoy a stream of “Erupt” below, along with the official video.
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Alice Mary – “Loving Game”

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2017

Hailing from London, Alice Mary is a classically trained, who has caught my ear with a little pop ear-worm by the name of “Loving Game.”

It’s song with an electronic sound but made from the framework of a true songwriter. There are elements of an easy going folk rock nature as well as a simple knack for writing one hell of a pop song. It doesn’t take long for it to warm your heart but tickle the pop sensibilities that we have inside of us, whether we like to admit it or not. There’s a crisp and airiness to this song that feels like it could’ve come from a Swedish artist, which is indeed a compliment.

“Loving Game” is taken from Alice Mary’s debut EP I Am Here which was released via AM Records and can be heard below. The whole EP is available to stream on her soundcloud page and is available to purchase on iTunes as well.
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courtship. – “Sunroof”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017 — with 1 comment

Courtship. is the courtship of partners in crime Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon, who caught bloggers attention earlier this year with their previous single “Stop For Nothing.” They followed it up in strong fashion with two equally memorable offerings with “Love For Everyone” and “Sail Away.” They found a way to one up them all with the totally infectious and hook-filled single “Sunroof.”

From the laid-back vocals, to the ultra confident mix of guitars and electronics, there’s a balance of infectious pop hooks and smart instrumentation that gives it one hell of a summery sound that I will be blasting throughout the year. This is real good stuff fellas.

It only takes the first chorus for you to realize that these guys are definitely talents to keep an eye on, but let the music do the talking for you. Stream “Sunroof” below and find the rest of their tunes posted at their soundcloud page.
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Flaunt – “Something Different”

By Will Oliver, November 30th 2016


Together Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito form the duo Flaunt, a self-described mysterious a/v collective who turn out some pretty r&b inspired music. Next year they will release their new EP The Antics Of More Youthful Times, and have given us a taste of the new release in the form of the rather smooth “Something Different.”

Over elements of tropical elements, they deliver clear-minded vocals that seems so effortless yet so carefully constructed.

Take a listen to a stream of “Something Different” below.
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Greta Salome – “Row”

By Will Oliver, November 30th 2016


Greta Salóme is a singer/songwriter/violinist from Iceland. Trained as a classical violinist, she spices things up with a flair for pop music that creates something that is most certainly unique to her.

Take for instance her most recent track, “Row.” There’s a chilly atmosphere to the sound that is well complimented by her classical mindset. The icy bounce of the synths go along with the pop-minded verses and build, that result in something memorable and fresh.

Take a listen to “Row” below via the stream, and scroll down even further for it’s official music video.
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Ramsey – “See You Bleed”

By Will Oliver, February 21st 2016 — with 1 comment


“See You Bleed” is a raw and personal take from upcoming Los Angeles experimental singer-songwriter Ramsey. Her dark and unique vocals push through expected boundaries found on pop songs, creating something uniquely her own. She’s able to tap into a dark and almost haunting atmosphere that sticks wish you, creating an interesting contrast to the vocal performance that she pairs with it.

It’s always good to see an artist producing and writing all the songs in house, creating something that you can identify directly as her own, allowing her music to stand out from the pact.

Stream “See You Bleed” below.
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