Premiere: Fire and the Romance – Rescue

By Will Oliver, July 23rd 2014

Fire and the Romance

Fire and the Romance is the project of New York native Dion Roy. Earlier in the year, Roy caught my attention with his larger than life cut “Way Down Below”, and we have since been waiting for more.

With the release date of his debut album Adaptations looming, Dion has shared “Rescue” the very pleasant first single off the record. “Rescue” is an easy on the ears hybrid of electronic sounds and a pop-minded chorus. His gentle vocals are more than welcoming, soaring higher and higher as the song builds towards unstoppable heights.

Adaptations will be released on August 26, and is now available for pre-order. In the meantime, enjoy the exclusive premiere stream of “Rescue”, which I’ve shared below.
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The Healing – Childhood Home

By Will Oliver, July 23rd 2014

The Healing - Childhood Home

London four-piece The Healing are gearing up for the release of their debut EP, Childhood Home.

The first single is also the title track, a melancholic and rather lovely ballad that plays around with country elements. There’s a heavy feeling of nostalgia that sits with you as you listen. The power of the song sort of sneaks up on you, but its there.

Stream “Childhood Home” below. You can also stream the entire EP over at their bandcamp page.
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Latimer House – Birdcage Walk

By Will Oliver, July 23rd 2014

Latimer House - Birdcage Walk
I first shared the sounds of Prague-based band Latimer House back in March. Their debut single “This Is Pop” won me over with devilish charm and clear cut melodies.

The group has since returned with a new single called “Birdcage Walk” and its as equally enjoyable as “This Is Pop.” They make finding a feel-good groove seem easy, with pop elements that work into your head like pure earworms.

Enjoy “Birdcage Walk” below.
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Clocks and Clouds – Aliantha

By Will Oliver, July 23rd 2014

Clocks & Clouds

Minneapolis 3-piece group Clocks & Clouds explore a world where classical music intertwines with electronic music on their track “Aliantha.”

The track starts out with a haunting string section, but soon works in a world of electronic flourishes and bass throbs. Things tread a bit too closely to dub-step for me at times, but it’s an interesting combination to say the least.

It was released as a single on July 15, and can be found below.
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Death From Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979

By Will Oliver, July 22nd 2014

Death From Above 1979

It’s still hard to believe that we are actually getting a new album from Death From Above 1979, a totally “pinch me”, “is this really happening” sort of moment. Well, the new album The Physical World is on its way, with a release day set for September 9 (via Last Gang Records/Warner Bros). The band are currently offering exclusive bundle pre-orders, as well as on good old iTunes.

Our first taste of the album comes in the form of first single “Trainwreck 1979″ and its exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s a bit of a different sound from the band, but hey, it’s been a decade. “Trainwreck 1979″ is more pop-infused with a catchy chorus and back-up ooh and aahs. It still hits as hard as any DFA1979 song should.

Damn, it’s good to have these guys back! Stream “Trainwreck 1979″ below.
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Alt-J – Left Hand Free

By Will Oliver, July 22nd 2014


Alt-J’s sophomore album This Is All Yours will be released on September 23 via Canvasback Music. We already heard the Miley Cyrus sampling “Hunger Of The Pine”, which served as our first preview of the album.

The band followed that up with the album’s first official single, a track called “Left Hand Free.” The song is nothing like the band has done to date. It’s apparently a song that the band wrote with the goal of making the “the least Alt-J song ever”, working on a “joke riff” giving it a straight run through. The rest is a sort of 90s Beck sounding track. When you learn that “Left Hand Free” is a song that the song that the band wrote after their label questioned “Hunger Of The Pine” serving as a single, it starts to make sense.

It takes a few listens to really sink into what the band are doing, but once it clicks, it makes a lot more sense. One thing is for sure, This Is All Yours will be one of the more diverse and unpredictable albums of 2014.
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Win A Ticket For Veruca Salt At Bowery Ballroom This Thursday

By Will Oliver, July 21st 2014 — with 1 comment

Veruca Salt

Recently reunited 90s band Veruca Salt will play their first show in New York City in many years this Thursday night. They will bring their tour to Bowery Ballroom for a highly anticipated show.

Tickets for the show are very much sold out. Luckily for you, I got one *single* ticket to giveaway. To enter, leave a comment below with your favorite Veruca Salt song & album. I’ll pick a winner and notify them by midday Wednesday.

Good luck!
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goodbyemotel at The Rock Shop (July 19, 2014)

By Will Oliver, July 20th 2014


All photos via Anthony Bauer

Many concertgoers don’t have the patience to arrive early for openers, or stick around after they saw the band that they came to see. Sure, we are all busy and sometimes it’s out of our control. But every once and while, you should go out and catch an opener, or stick around a little later to see a new band. Sure, its a risk, but that’s all a part of the fun of discovery. All of the bands that you now know and love had to start somewhere.

Part of my job here is to take those risks on a daily basis, and find those hidden gems that deserve a little extra exposure. Last night, I had one of these rare experiences with an Australian-based band known as goodbyemotel.
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The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt

By Will Oliver, July 20th 2014

From left: Brian Fallon, Alex Levine, Ben Horowitz and Alex Rosamilia of the band Gaslight Anthem in New York.

The Gaslight Anthem seem to be doing something a little different on their soon to be released new album Get Hurt, which comes out on August 19 via Island Records.

While the first single “Rollin’ and Tumblin” was for the most part, a very The Gaslight Anthem song, the new direction that the band promised is found on second single, and title track, “Get Hurt.” It does still have flourishes of The Gaslight Anthem, but it does sound sort of like a mid-tempo synth-ballad that we’ve heard from The Killers. It’s fine and all, but it’s not my favorite piece from the band. Even so, I’m sure the band will be able to find an even bigger audience with this one.

Stream “Get Hurt” below.
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The Tins at The Rock Shop (July 19, 2014)

By Will Oliver, July 20th 2014 — with 1 comment

1_The Tins

All photos by Anthony Bauer

I first saw The Tins at a concert during my college days at Binghamton. They (Binghamton grads as well) were the opening band that night, but ended up stealing the show from the band who I thought I was there to see at the time. As I found out, it was really The Tins who I was meant to discover that night. I was immediately hooked upon hearing their polished take on rock and roll. There was just something refreshing about seeing three friends playing and singing so well, especially in the days where so much music is made by other means.

Since then, the band relocated to Buffalo, and released their debut EP and album. This year they returned with a brand new EP called Young Blame that will be released on July 29 (pre-order it here). The band has been steady with their releases, and even more consistent with the quality. I don’t question if the new material will be quality, it’s just expected at this point. Young Blame is no different. Each one of its four songs is as steady as next, hooking you in, begging for more.

Last night they brought their first ever national tour to Brooklyn for a show at The Rock Shop. It was my first time catching The Tins live outside of Binghamton, and it just happened to be the best performance that I’ve seen from the trio yet. They effortlessly blended all their material, both new and old, to create an air tight set that took over the room. They are able to create a full rock sound that is even more impressive when you take in the fact that they are just a trio.

The Tins are overdue for a big break, one that they certainly have earned and deserve. This national tour will take them to new places, and hopefully bring out fans both old and new. If they’re stopping in a city near you, I urge you to go check them out.

Below find photos from the show, all taken by Anthony Bauer. I’ve also shared the band’s tour dates.
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