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Going into an Of Montreal show, you can expect a full on extravaganza, but you never quite know what to expect. Each individual show of a new tour offers something wild colorful and passionate from the mind of frontman Kevin Barnes that would be utterly bizarre to someone who just happened to walk into the room, but to their passionate fans, it’s a part of what makes the band such a memorable live act.
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The New Pornographers new album Whiteout Conditions (released on April 7 via Concord Music Group) is the bands seventh album, as well as the first without both songwriter Dan Bejar and drummer Kurt Dahle. Bajar’s presence in particular is of course missed, but the band still have plenty of talent to hold their own without him and deliver another solid album in their ever-consistent discography.
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Kae Dal – “Liar”

By Will Oliver, May 7th 2017

Hailing from Toronto, singer-songwriter Kae Dal has a gentle touch on latest single “Liar,” a synth-led love-song that beautifully expands around your heart with ease. It’s a gentle song that takes it’s time to blossom, but once it does, it sounds like a lush love child of Beach House and Sharon Van Etten. Yes, it is indeed that magical.

It was produced by Matt Tavares of BADBADNOTGOOD and is a big song that is one of the best songs of the year that not enough people are swooning over. Let me help you change that, enjoy “Liar” below and make it your duty to pass the song to one friend and have him or her do the same. It deserves to be heard.
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Carlos Cipa & Occupanther – “Trow”

By Will Oliver, May 7th 2017

Carlos Cipa & Occupanther are a German collaborative duo of German composers, who released a new EP entitled Trow.

It doesn’t take long for the title track to win you over with its cinematic qualities of amazement and wonder, something that honestly could’ve been mistaken for an bonus track for the Interstellar score. There’s a rather humanizing quality to “Trow” that’s hard not to get lost in a sea of reflection.

Take a listen to “Trow” below and allow your mind to do all the rest. If you like what you hear (you will), go ahead and stream and buy the whole EP over at Bandcamp.
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Heavy Heart – “Fruitfly”

By Will Oliver, May 7th 2017

Heavy Heart are a indie rock group who hail from London, and bring a bit of the 90s Brit Rock sound with them.

Fans of Wolf Alice will want to keep a close eye on these group, who recently released their debut album Keepsake (via new independent label I Can & I Will – on raspberry red vinyl, hand-numbered and signed, limited to 300 copies), a collection of all the songs that they released last year, one each month.

The group has released a very 90’s-esque music video for “Fruitfly” a mesmerizing track that sounds like a mix of Wolf Alice, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Lush. It’s a song drenched with emotional nostalgia, with a sense of longing, but also hope. It’s a lush listen, one that I hope you dive into below:
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Black Flowers Cafe – “Never Trust Me”

By Will Oliver, May 7th 2017

“Never Trust Me” is the smooth jam from Italian indie rock group Black Flowers Cafe. It’s taken off of their new EP Islands, released in late April.

They capture your attention right away on “Never Trust Me” with smooth, tropical sounding guitars that definitely call to mind those early days of Foals. Theirs a chill, cool atmosphere to the track that is mesmerizing and impressively crafted. It’s a winner.

Stream “Never Trust Me” below, and go grab the EP right now on iTunes.
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Hailing from Copenhagen, Retro Kid produced a memorable electronic sound that is perfect for listening late at night with a good pair of headphones. Led by Jake Juba, Retro Kid’s sound is self-described as “electronic pop in a melancholy funk.” And they’re not too far off.

Their self-titled track is off their debut EP of the same name, a electronic wonder that takes it’s time building up into something rather hypnotic and seductive, unraveling into something more with every passing beat and vocal. Like a mix of Hot Chip, The Whitest Boy Alive and LCD Soundsystem, there’s an immediate quality to “Retro Kid” that left a lasting impression on me, and has me letting it play on repeat.

Then there’s “Kool Kids” a song that becomes something more of a hypnotic dance number, smartly constructed and executed to perfection. Considering these guys are a rather new act, it’s impressive how assured and confident all these tracks come off.

Stream both “Retro Kid” and “Kool Kids” below, and for more on Retro Kid, head to their facebook page.

At least once I year it seems I find a way to squeeze in a performance from Kishi Bashi in New York. What’s most amazing about that is not me finding my way there, but the amount of consisting touring by Bashi, who seems to never tire of releasing music and bringing it to his ever-growing fanbase live. I’m certainly not complaining, because the man puts on some of the most joyous shows that you’ll find anywhere.

Bashi released his new album Sonderlust last year via Joyful Noise Recordings which led to his largest headlining show in New York to date at Webster Hall. Last Sunday, April 23, saw Bashi return for a slightly more intimate evening at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

The sold out show saw Bashi deliver the more electronic-leaning offerings of Wonderlust, going from violin, to piano, and even bass (which Bashi hilariously exclaiming he hoped to see photos of this particular event on instagram). Even with the more dance-minded direction of his new material, he still fit in the old favorites and made them sound just as welcome as ever. Not that he was playing it safe, as he also including a bonkers cover of Styx’s “Come Sail Away,” that he brilliantly transitioned into “The Ballad Of Mr. Steak,” with a costumed Mr. Steak joining him for the song, which included some bursts of confetti. The production and showmanship of Bashi continues to grow with each show I see him, but it never feels forced, rather like a natural evolution, just like his music.

Bashi concluded the show with his band in the middle of the crowd, giving acoustic performances of “Atticus, In The Desert” and “Manchester.” The latter, no matter how many times I hear it performed this way, will always leave me with chills. It’s quite literally made to be shared and sung with the audience, who elevate it to something that will leave you with goosebumps. It’s the sort of thing that live music is all about, irreplaceable shared moments that you can never recreate, or truly explain to someone who wasn’t there, no matter how hard you try.

I hope you can experience a Kishi Bashi show at some point, if you haven’t already (and if you have, you should know to go again by now). Not many artists put on as joyous of a show as Bashi.

Find his setlist posted below, along with photos from his set along with Tall Tall Trees (who is also in Bashi’s band) who opened the show.

Kishi Bashi Setlist:

1. Bright Whites (Acoustic)
2. Beat the Bright Out of Me (Acoustic)
3. Q&A (Acoustic)
4. Wonder Woman, Wonder Me (Acoustic)
5. Statues in a Gallery
6. Carry on Phenomenon
7. m’lover
8. Say Yeah
9. Honeybody
10. Can’t Let Go, Juno
11. I Am the Antichrist to You
12. Philosophize in It! Chemicalize with It!
13. Come Sail Away @Cover[835a6d9c-fea0-4a71-ae52-9c4da946433a]
14. The Ballad of Mr. Steak
15. It All Began With a Burst


16. Atticus, in the Desert (Acoustic, in audience)
17. Manchester (Acoustic, in audience)

Tall Tall Trees:

Kishi Bashi:

We last caught up with Rockland County rapper (a hometown guy for us) Kamron Bahani last year when he returned with new single “La Leggenda.” If you don’t know Kamron, we’re here to help you correct that. His style is reminiscent of the golden era with a contemporary twist. He can do it all: have fun, be lyrical, make you smile, make you hate, all with the fundamental reasoning that human emotion correlates to expressionism.

He’s back this year with a new concept album DSM Vl that revolved around mental disabilities. The first offering from this exciting project is “Depersonalization,” a track that tackles multiple personality disorder. It’s a dense topic, not one to be taken lightly, but Bahani takes the sad subject and tries to deliver a fun track anyway.

The song is produced by Blu Majic, and features the natural evolution of an artist who continues to grow with every new release. If you track all the posts we’ve done over the years on this blog, back when he was rocking the Kuhlamity moniker, it’s amazing just how far he’s come.

We are proud to have the exclusive first premiere of “Depersonalization,” which you can stream right now below.
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