2015 has been a year of experienced veterans returning to release brand new albums. This is all fine and well, but it’s also great to see new, exciting acts emerge, such as Day Wave. It’s the project of Oakland resident Jackson Phillips, who also happens to be one half of the California-based electro-pop duo Carousel.

Jackson first caught my attention earlier in the year with a wonderfully dreamy cut called “Drag,” that is not only a perfect song for summer, but one of my favorite songs of the year so far. I’ve been craving more ever since, which makes the release of new song “We Try But We Don’t Fit In” that much more exciting. It’s off of his debut EP Headcase, which will be self-released on July 17, and will include two previously unheard tracks.

It’s yet another dreamy wonder that dives deep into a nostalgic train of thought, with delightful hooks delighting you all the way. He’s only released four songs to date, but all have been wonderful little treasures that are signs of an artist coming into his own. The future is that much more exciting with the prospect of more music from Day Wave.

Stream “We Try But We Don’t Fit In” below.
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Beck at Boston Calling 2015

By Will Oliver, June 5th 2015

1_Beck_Boston Calling

Beck ended the brief but fulfilling first day of Boston Calling with a career spanning set that was a mighty fine was to spend the final hours of the night.

Being a festival set, I anticipated a set more geared towards his hits, but even so, I didn’t expect so little material from Morning Phase, you know, last year’s album of the year at the Grammy’s (sorry Kanye). He only shared “Blue Moon” from that, but when you get a set featuring “Devil’s Haircut,” “Lost Cause,” “Girl,” “Gamma Ray,” and “Where It’s At,” how can you complain?
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Tame Impala at Boston Calling 2015

By Will Oliver, June 5th 2015

1_Tame Impala_Boston Calling 2015

The countdown begins for Tame Impala’s highly anticipated new album Currents, due to be released on July 17 via Interscope Records. It’s been one of my most anticipated records of the year, and I’m sure I’m not alone on that.

The Australian band, led by modern day genius Kevin Parker, took the Boston Calling stage with a bit of daylight left over from the sunset. This gave viewers a rare look at the group without their trippy light show as camouflage. Their amazing visual backdrop remained present for their tremendous set, filled of favorites from their first two albums, and a bunch of the songs released so far from Currents.
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The Tallest Man On Earth

On May 12 Kristian Matsson released Dark Bird Is Home, his fourth album as The Tallest Man On Earth (out via Dead Oceans). It’s It’s his first album with a full band playing behind him, resulting in a rich and fuller record than fans have ever received.

He’s in New York this week to play a set of shows here in support of the record. Tomorrow night he’ll kick off the two night residency with a delightfully intimate showing at Music Hall of Williamsburg, a much more personal performance than what will likely come at Beacon Theatre the following night, although that’s not to say it won’t be a special show in its own right.
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TV On The Radio at Kings Theatre (May 20, 2015)

By Will Oliver, May 31st 2015 — with 1 comment

1_TV On The Radio_Kings Theatre

On May 20 TV On The Radio made their return to New York for a performance at the beautiful Kings Theatre, right up there with Baby’s All Right as my favorite new venues in New York. The show was the first of two for them in the city last week, with a night at Terminal 5 in Manhattan coming the following night.

The show came in support of their 2014 album Seeds, and was much different from when I saw them last winter at a much smaller performance at at Music Hall of Williamsburg. No matter, as the group filled out the much larger Kings Theatre with the level of finesse and intensity that you come to expect from the talented group.
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1_Courtney Barnett_Bowery Ballroom

Last Tuesday night, I caught the first of Courtney Barnett’s completely sold out three-night run at Bowery Ballroom. Her first proper album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit (out via Mom + Pop Music) is one of the year’s best records. I don’t know if there’s any artist hotter than Barnett at the moment, and mind you, it’s not the type of buzz that comes and goes like a passing phase. This is the sustainable, real deal sort of excitement that has pegged Barnett as one of the brightest voices in music. It’s scary to think that she’s only getting started.
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Tomorrow night the magnificent talent that is Torres will play a sold out Baby’s All Right in celebration of her brand new album Sprinter, out now via Partisan Records.

Her debut album was one of powerful personal material stripped down to a bare folk rock. This time around she pushes the boundaries even further, creating something just as personal and powerful, just in a new light. It’s going to be a treat to see how this translates live, especially in a room such as Baby’s All Right, a seemingly perfect place to catch someone like Torres.

Doors for the show open at 8 p.m. tomorrow, and the show will feature an opening set from Aero Flynn. Tickets for the show have long sold out, but you can always try your luck at the door, and she’ll return to New York in no time for a performance at Mercury Lounge on June 26.

Palma Violets at Bowery Ballroom (May 18, 2015)

By Will Oliver, May 26th 2015

1_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

Last Monday Palma Violets returned to New York for a performance at Bowery Ballroom (they also played MHOW two days later) in support of their new record Danger In The Club, out now via Rough Trade Records. This show followed their smaller performances at Shea Stadium and Baby’s All Right back in March, when they were just testing out some of their new material. You can find my interview with bassist and vocalist Chilli Jesson from before their Baby’s show right here.

2_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

This time around the band included more Danger In The Club material, with just about the same amount from their debut surrounding it. They eased us into it, opening with three familiar cuts “Rattlesnake Highway,” “Tom The Drum,” and “Chicken Dippers.” The crowd got rowdy pretty much instantly, with a little help from Harry Violent, the bands merch guy and hype man/5th member. Violent went into the heart of the crowd getting people wild and singing along, although with material like “Best Of Friends” coming about halfway through the set, it didn’t take much for everyone to loose their shit.

While some of the crazy energy that I witnessed at their Baby’s show was somewhat lost in the bigger Bowery Ballroom, Palma Violet still delivered the same level of punch and gave their all on stage. They always put just as much energy into their performance, and it always seems to find a way to translate with the audience, with bodies and beer flying freely.

Already looking forward to their eventual return to New York. It’s always a guaranteed good time.


1. Rattlesnake Highway
2. Tom The Drum
3. Chicken Dippers
4. Girl, You Couldn’t Do Much Better On The Beach
5. English Tongue
6. We Found Love
7. Matador
8. Best Of Friends
9. Step Up For The Cool Cats
10. Walking Home
11. Secrets Of America
12. Johnny Bagga’ Donuts


13. Danger In The Club
14. Ratway Rock
15. 14

3_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

4_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

5_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

6_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

7_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

8_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

9_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

10_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

11_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

12_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

13_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

14_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

15_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

16_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

17_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

18_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

19_Palma Violets_Bowery Ballroom

Tennis at Mercury Lounge (May 16, 2015)

By Will Oliver, May 26th 2015

1_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

The last time that Tennis played Mercury Lounge was in December 2010, almost an now inconceivable five years ago. That show was before the Denver duo of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley even released an album. Back then, they were just a hot duo riding high off the sudden blog buzz that helped get their career off the ground. Since then, Tennis have released three albums, and EP, and toured the world, finding their fanbase and building on it the right way gradually.

Earlier this month they returned to New York for a pair of small scale shows. The first went down at Music Hall of Williamsburg (find Bauer’s post here), with an even smaller show at Mercury Lounge coming just a few days later.

2_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

Tennis sold out Mercury in less than two minutes, to the surprise of no one. Getting to see the group in such a small room at this point of there career is a treat. The intimacy of Mercury Lounge provided those lucky enough to be there with the chance to see Moore and Riley perform their songs up close and personal, in the manner that they deserve to be enjoyed.

The 13-song set was a delightful run through the best of their catalog, but heightened by the close proximity to the band, who are now fleshed out to a 5-piece band, with a newly added back-up singer and keyboardist. The expanded version of the band gave Tennis and even broader canvas to paint their delightful wonders, delivering a rich and satisfying performance that had everyone wide awake and with the band, even though they didn’t kick things off about 10 minutes past midnight.

3_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

Moore made the performance as personal as can be during tracks like “Petition” where she used the farthest ends of the stage to come out into the crowd and even let a brave crowd member sing into the mic. It was little moments like this that made the live experience feel like so much more than it would at a larger space.

At this point in their career, Tennis have proven that they’re a band in it for the long haul. But at their core, their still very much the same band that we all fell in love with at the start of this decade, still humble enough to grace us with their presence at rooms like Mercury Lounge. Who knows when I’ll get to catch them in such a venue again, but I’ll certainly cherish this one for many years to come.


1. Never Work For Free
2. Timothy
3. Dimming Light
4. Solar On The Rise
5. Needle and a Knife
6. Marathon
7. Mean Streets
8. Petition
9. It All Feels The Same
10. I’m Callin’
11. Waterbirds


12. Origins
13. My Better Self
14. Bad Girls (Demo Version)

4_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

5_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

6_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

7_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

8_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

9_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

10_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

11_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

12_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

13_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

15_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

16_Tennis_Mercury Lounge

1_Wild Nothing_MHOW

After catching a set from Lightning Bolt at LPR, I bolted over to Brooklyn to catch Wild Nothings’ New York live return at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The comeback show was a part of a series of show that the band are performing as a part of Converse’s always welcome Rubber Tracks series. The free show sold out pretty much instantly, and featured support from Brooklyn band Journalism.

This was Wild Nothing’s first performance in New York for some time, but they made us feel right at home, opening with their breakthrough single “Summer Holiday.” This live version of Wild Nothing featured DIIV’s synth-player Colin Caulfield (formerly known as Young Man) and EZTV’s drummer Michael Stasiak. They fit in snugly around Tatum and Wild Nothing’s returning members: bassist Jeff Haley and guitarist Nathan Goodman.

2_Wild Nothing_MHOW

The night featured all of the songs you’d want and expect to hear from their two great records, but the night also served as a chance for them to taste out material from their upcoming new album for the first time in New York. This included new songs such as “Adore,” “Lady Blue,” “Alien,” “TV Queen,” and “To Know You.” These songs maintained the very 80’s sound that the band perfectly emulate, with a few twists and turns into something a bit darker and even more mature. This is somewhat similar of their Captured Tracks label mates DIIV.

Like DIIV, Wild Nothing are a band that I know will return to form with their new release, even if that means taking their sound to a new destination. Based on the small samplings that I heard from Tatum’s band, we are in for a real treat when the record is released. I can’t wait to hear this songs again with the new record as a bit of context.

Find the setlist posted below, along with a video of Wild Nothing performing new song “Adore”:

Wild Nothing – “Adore” (New Song)

Wild Nothing Setlist:

1. Summer Holiday
2. Nocturne
3. Adore (New Song)
4. Only Heather
5. Lady Blue (New Song)
6. Live In Dreams
7. The Blue Dress
8. Alien
9. The Witching Hour
10. TV Queen (New Song)
11. To Know You
12. Shadow

3_Wild Nothing_MHOW

4_Wild Nothing_MHOW

5_Wild Nothing_MHOW

6_Wild Nothing_MHOW

7_Wild Nothing_MHOW

8_Wild Nothing_MHOW

9_Wild Nothing_MHOW

10_Wild Nothing_MHOW

11_Wild Nothing_MHOW

12_Wild Nothing_MHOW

13_Wild Nothing_MHOW

14_Wild Nothing_MHOW

15_Wild Nothing_MHOW

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