Matt Pond PA at Brooklyn Bazaar (September 25, 2017)

By Will Oliver, November 21st 2017

All photos by Adam Heller

Matt Pond PA returned this year with new album Still Summer (released via 131 Records).

On September 25 he brought the tour in support of the new record to New York for a headlining performance at Brooklyn Bazaar. Support came from both Wild Pink and Annie Hart.

Our photographer Adam Heller was in attendance and grabbed shots of all three acts. Find them posted in the gallery below along with a few selections from Matt Pond PA’s new record.
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A.D.K.O.B – “Giraffe”

By Will Oliver, November 20th 2017

A.D.K.O.B. are a indie outfit based out of Sydney, Australia made up of Mark Piccles, Jane Doutney, Hewett Cook and Harry Simpson.

It doesn’t take their song “Giraffe” long to announce itself as a song that you can see blowing up online, with a catchy guitar lick that feels larger than life and bound to find an audience in a big way. There’s a mix of the live indie rock inspired instrumentation, with a bit of an electronic haze to it that gives it a memorable glow that really stood out to me.

The single is out now via Wonderlick Recording Company and will feature on their sophomore EP which is due out sometime next year. For now, get lost in its groovy sounds from its official music video, which I’ve shared below.
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L.A. Salami – “Terrorism (The Isis Crisis)”

By Will Oliver, November 20th 2017

London-based artist L.A. Salami recently returned with his new track, the politically titled and themed track “Terrorism (The Isis Crisis).”

His style is one with folk roots but done with a fiery punk fashion that gives it a jolt of energy and really allows it to bleed through with passion. He’s currently at work on his sophomore record and based on what we are hearing with this passion-filled track, it’s sure to be another good one.

Stream the track below and find his 2018 U.S. tour dates posted below – which include a stop here in NYC on April 5 at Rough Trade NYC.
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Someone – “The Deep”

By Will Oliver, October 31st 2017

Someone is the new project from Dutch artist Tessa Rose Jackson. She had previously released a debut album before redubbing herself as Someone, but felt it didn’t quite represent who she was and so she aimed for a fresh start. Someone was that fresh start, a blank slate that she could use to inspire and provoke.

Today I share with you “The Deep,” her debut single as Someone. It plays with space and evokes some 90s rock and roll with a ultra-chill easygoing nature that slowly reveals a sneakily catchy nature that gets better and better as the song expands.

Take a listen to the song via the official music video which we have posted below.
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Modest Mouse at The Capitol Theatre (October 13, 2017)

By Will Oliver, October 24th 2017

Modest Mouse may have released their latest album Strangers to Ourselves in 2015 (when we last saw them), but the band have kept plenty busy on the road, returning to us here in New York for a two-night run in Port Chester at The Capitol Theatre – where we caught night one on Friday, October 13.

The night kicked off with a performance from fellow Portland, Oregon indie rockers Mimicking Birds who delighted the crowd with a lovely set that got things off quite nicely. They’ll return next year with their new album Layers of Us via Glacial Pace Recordings.

No matter how many times I see Modest Mouse perform live, I can go in knowing that I won’t be able to predict what they play, which is almost never the case. Isaac Brock and the rest of the band always keep it fresh every night, giving each crowd a unique performance that won’t be repeated in the same fashion twice.
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YONAKA – “Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017

Throw together the vocal work and swagger of Karen O and Alison Mosshart with the dirty garage fire of both of their respective acts and you’re close to the sound of Birghton rockers YONAKA.

It only takes seconds of their single “Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” for a rather sinister rock feel to take over and that’s before the punishing vocals from Theresa Jarvis. There’s a confidence to this track that can be felt right away and it’s never lost, not even for a second. This is a band that deserves your attention (they’re already signed to Atlantic Records over in the U.K.) and it seems like this track is the perfect starting point.

Blast “Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” below.
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El Capitán – “Low”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017

El Capitán combines the talent of two Los Angeles, California locals who go by “Abhi the Nomad” and “Foster.”

Based on their track “Low” these guys are some underground rappers who have a fresh and exciting outlook that deserves paying attention to. It helps that the track has some great 90s-esque production from DJ Nacatz who gives the duo some crisp beats to do their thing over. It’s got a certain energy and charm that is so damn refreshing and honestly beats the hell out of all the trap and popular hip-hop plauging the radio these days.

These gentlemen deserve your attention. Give the official video for “Low” a view below.
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Zipper Club – “Breath”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017

Zipper Club is the trio of Lissy Trullie, Mason James (of Cerebral Ballzy) and Damar Davis. The group aren’t you’re traditional new band in the sense that they got some seasoned musicians at their core and a 90s rock figure such as The Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha producing their debut album.

My introduction to Zipper Club came through their single “Breath” a very memorable and catchy slice of electronic gold that caught me with it’s swirling synth lines that reminded of Glass Candy’s “Warm In The Winter” but finding its own footing with the duel vocals of Trullie and James offering an exciting tag team that gave “Breath” a truly exciting dimension. This song instantly won me over and kept me hooked every second of the way.

Considering that the band already played freaking Coachella this Spring and are snagged up by Epic Records, it’s safe to say that these guys are well on their way to big things. Get on board now before that ship sails, enjoy a listen to “Breath” below.
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Bat House – “Yarn”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017

Bat House is a psych/math rock outfit from Boston. They released their self-titled debut album this April, which they self-produced and recorded at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in downtown Boston.

Their sound sticks out immediately as something unique and challenging in a fashion that will reward patient listeners over time. One listen to their single “Yawn” will stand out as a confident and different rock that is like a great hybrid between White Denim, Palm, Battles and even Tame Impala.

We have shared the colorful official music video below and you can stream and purchase the entire album over at their bandcamp page. These guys have a bright future ahead of them, best to keep an eye out.
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Cathedrals – “Try To Fight”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017

Cathedrals is the San Francisco electro-pop duo of Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin, who together create some rather infectious dance music with a purpose and most importantly, a soul.

They delight you with some rather catchy hooks but really reel you in and stand out with smartly constructed arrangements and productional flourishes. This song sounds very 80s and we mean that in the best way possible.

Enjoy the track below from the newly released official video or the soundcloud stream.
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