1_Daughter_National Sadust

One of the first releases of 2016 was Not To Disappear the sophomore album from indie folk trio Daughter (which Glassnote Records released). They played their first New York City show for the tour in support of the new record on April 4, when they played a rather intimate performance at the beautifully fitting National Sawdust in Brooklyn.

Find some shots of their performance posted below, along with New York singer-songwriter Wilsen who opened the show.

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Some Musical Secrets from a Casino

By Will Oliver, August 11th 2016 Editorial

In the casino world, there are many nuances, and, as it turned out, the melody is very closely associated with gambling. Due to the popularity of gambling houses, tango and jazz could emerge and develop. What is more, a well-chosen song in a betting house help institutions attract people, and a hand-picked by the player playlist makes his gameplay more deliberate and effective.

Musical Casino Tricks.

In every casino, melody is carefully chosen and assorted. Players who frequently visit gambling houses do not even notice it, but it just means that everything was properly chosen. Having been at least once in a gambling establishment, it is easy to notice that there is no silence there; instead, soft instrumental tones, so-called lounge, are playing in all the gambling rooms. Songs are selected strictly and wisely; their change is almost imperceptible, with no pauses. This easy musical flow is the perfect background which allows you to focus solely on the game. What is more, smartly chosen music often makes players forget the fact that they need to go somewhere and do something. But you can always visit Casinority baccarat guide and find out what it is necessary to remember about when playing your favorite game.


However, the lounge music is playing only in card rooms and in the halls with roulette tables. In areas with slot machines, there is usually a lively atmosphere of perpetual holiday. Notably, a very important role in this, plays a special cheerful melody and sounds of famous One-Armed Bandit. Thus, the visitors create the impression that they are on some very special celebration, and that success is right here. Considering that in the halls with card and roulette games there is the atmosphere of calmness, yet the management is trying to echo the festive noise of gaming slots, especially the sounds of winning. This encourages visitors to gamble more actively.

Music That Helps to Win in a Casino

The psychological impact of music has been noticed not only by casino owners but also by players themselves. Gamblers are also aware that it affects mood, helps to relax or concentrate on something. Some psychologists even claim that the right melody in the headphones can turn an ordinary player to the success.

In the 80’s, the first players with iPods and wearing sunglasses began to appear in a betting house, and in the 90’s, their number has increased considerably. Further, with the advent of mp3 players, the amount of casino visitors with the headphones became simply unimaginable. And most often, it is thoughtful players who do not want to succumb to the mood created by a gambling house and make their own gambling atmosphere. Interestingly, the phenomenon of classical music influence is very successfully used by professional players in the process of playing. So, Phil Gordon, Annie Duke, John d`Agostino, Robert Williams and Phil Hellmuth often gamble wearing headphones. However, there are still some universal melodies that fit all.


Eagle I Stallian

After experience in the field of heavy rock, Montreal-based group Eagle I Stallian dove into the world of electronic, bringing elements of trance, house, combining into something different than the standard house or EDM fare.

Take their new single “Between Dreams” a big, pulsating house track that spans a wide range of feelings and emotions, taking time to build its hypnotic electronic soundscape before the clear cut vocals of Brandon Mignacca step in and take it one step further.

Stream the original mix of the track below, and if you like what you hear the song is available to snag over at iTunes.

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Post Death Soundtrack

Canadian music collective Post Death Soundtrack consists of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson. While the group live separately spread out between Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, they use the power of the internet to stay connected and able to collaborate.

Late last month the group released The Unlearning Curve, an album about eclectic narratives and dropping concepts, taking some risks and venturing into the unknown. One of these risks is a remix of their track “Beauty Eyes I Adore” remixed by Post Death member Jon Ireson, under the name giving it a dark electronic remix dubbed “the dark highway mix.”

It’s definitely best suited for a long drive out on a dark road, or highway, allowing the music to provide the soundtrack for the atmosphere of a late night on the town.

Stream the remix below, and grab the full album at bandcamp (pay what you want) or support the artists over at their CDBaby site.

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Jane In Space

Out from space and now in New York City, Jane In Space make industrial rock with a sense of dreaminess as seen on “Feel It Alive,” a track taken from their self-titled new album which will be released on August 19.

“Feel It Alive” wastes no time jumping into its lively world of electronic-rock goodness, with a thumping bass and swirling synths, paving the way for the vocal work of lead singer Tom Vickers. It doesn’t take much time at all for Jane In Space to win you over and make you feel alive with the readymade “Feel It Alive.”

Stream it below and keep your eyes pealed for more on the trio coming soon.

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Kamron Bahani's - Serpenti Accordo EP

The name Kamron Bahani may be new to you, although if you’re familiar with this blog than the name may ring a bell. Kamron used to go by Kuhlamity, but after a few years away from the game he’s dropped the moniker and is now going by his full name. A rebirth if you will.

He’s returning with a brand new EP titled Serpenti Accordo on August 23 that will act as his official return to the game. But for now, we have the official honor of premiering his brand new single “La Leggenda,” taken from the EP.

Sitting at a compact and tidy runtime of 2:18, “”La Leggenda” moves at a brisk speed with Kamron’s ridiculous fast rhymes that hold no prisoners. Immediately you notice a sense of growth towards the second half with some of his best production yet, with memorable lines that are timely enough to reference things such as Pokemon Go.

This is an evolution from Kuhlamity in every way, he’s emerged, bigger, strong, and better than ever.

Stream “La Leggenda” below and stay tuned for more news about the EP and some live shows.
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Sam Seeger - What's Happening

Fellow Rockland County resident Sam Seeger has returned and blessed us with another great new song titled “What’s Happening” that is too good to ignore.

The track runs by briskly at two-minutes in length, delivering classic rock vibes and vicious guitar riffs that are complimented with the work of New Myths‘ Rosie Slater behind the drum kit. The chilled out, almost stoned vocals work well alongside the guitar solos that are just waiting to break free.

You can buy “What’s Happening” for just $1 over at Sam’s bandcamp right now, and get a taste via the stream directly below.

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Bang Gang - Sabazios O (TRPTYCH Remix)

Icelandic producer Bardi Johannsson who works under the moniker Bang Gang, creates chilly mesmerizing electronic music with an atmosphere. He’s no stranger to these parts.

Last year they released the rather underrated album The Wolves Are Whispering, which included the emotive track “Sabazios O,”, which featured a Sigur Ros-like emotional grip with a ton of power.

Today I have the honor of premiering a special remix of the track from an Icelandic duo named TRPTYCH. The techno group offered their long-time expertise on the dance/techno scene to offer of an analogue dance take on the song that strips it of its elements, creating something new while also maintaining the spirit of the original.

When asked about the remix, Bardi was taken by how his vocals “sound like I just ate a computer or maybe got eaten by a computer on a nice bass and beat.” Who knows, maybe the great Nicolas Winding Refn may use this in his next picture as Ryan Gosling is hitting the road, or another human.

Stream the club ready remix below.

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10_Frankie Cosmos_Shea Stadium

Frankie Cosmos has tons of releases under her belt already, but none have garnered more attention than Next Thing, her second proper studio album, and her first release with Bayonet Records. On April 2 she celebrated the albums release with a pair of sold out shows at Brooklyn venue Shea Stadium on April 1 & 2.

We caught night two at Shea, and it featured an opening performance from the equally great Brooklyn band Eskimeaux, who are always a pleasure to catch live. They have a new EP entitled Year Of The Rabbit, out now via Double Double Whammy.

Find photos of both bands performances posted below, along with Frankie Cosmos setlist.

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1_Lucius_Music Hall of Williamsburg

On March 31 the vocal-driven wonder that is Lucius took over Music Hall of Williamsburg for a great double bill that featured support from the equally lovely Pure Bathing Culture.

The show came in support of Lucius’ new album Good Grief, released earlier this year via Mom + Pop Music. They delicately touched upon these new songs, as well as old favorites, both of which sounded even better than their recordings thanks to their angelic vocal deliveries.

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