El Capitán combines the talent of two Los Angeles, California locals who go by “Abhi the Nomad” and “Foster.”

Based on their track “Low” these guys are some underground rappers who have a fresh and exciting outlook that deserves paying attention to. It helps that the track has some great 90s-esque production from DJ Nacatz who gives the duo some crisp beats to do their thing over. It’s got a certain energy and charm that is so damn refreshing and honestly beats the hell out of all the trap and popular hip-hop plauging the radio these days.

These gentlemen deserve your attention. Give the official video for “Low” a view below.

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Zipper Club is the trio of Lissy Trullie, Mason James (of Cerebral Ballzy) and Damar Davis. The group aren’t you’re traditional new band in the sense that they got some seasoned musicians at their core and a 90s rock figure such as The Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha producing their debut album.

My introduction to Zipper Club came through their single “Breath” a very memorable and catchy slice of electronic gold that caught me with it’s swirling synth lines that reminded of Glass Candy’s “Warm In The Winter” but finding its own footing with the duel vocals of Trullie and James offering an exciting tag team that gave “Breath” a truly exciting dimension. This song instantly won me over and kept me hooked every second of the way.

Considering that the band already played freaking Coachella this Spring and are snagged up by Epic Records, it’s safe to say that these guys are well on their way to big things. Get on board now before that ship sails, enjoy a listen to “Breath” below.

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Volunteer Cheerleader is Chris Blackman and Jordan Sommerlad, two Ohio grade school friends, now based out New York City that make music together. The two have just released a self-titled 5-song EP and it didn’t take long for it’s track “The City Is A Bone” to sweep me right off my feet.

It starts off with some very 80s Brit rock sounds, but really winning me over with a charming vocal take that combined with the dreamy instrumentals, remind of the good old days of Death Cab for Cutie. It’s a warm and nostalgic pleasure that will be a perfect comfort during the lonely winter months that wait for us.

“The City Is A Bone” can be streamed below and you can stream/purchase their entire debut EP directly from their bandcamp page.

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Bliss Nova – “At Least”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017 Electronic Listen Stream

Bliss Nova is a synth-pop two-piece from Toledo, Ohio, consisting of brothers Daniel and Joel Trzcinski who describe themselves as “synthpop dream devils.” It doesn’t take long for their track “At Least” to warm you with their colorful synth explorations and dance sounds that reminds me of acts like Passion Pit and The Pass. There’s a big sense of production here that seems confident and assured, as if it’s made from a big time studio act.

“At Least” is a real delight that takes ideas from the now defunct genre of chillwave and expands upon it with more modern electronica and the result is exciting. It’s off of the groups new EP Light & Shadow which you can stream and purchase at their bandcamp page.

If you need an immediate taste please enjoy a stream of “At Least” right now below.

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Demob Happy – “Dead Dreamers”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017 Listen Rock Stream

Newcastle trio Demob Happy have tastemakers in the U.K. paying attention, having just supporting acts like The Cribs and Gang Of Youths this spring. They’re signed to Atlantic Records’ U.S. imprint Taste and Tone, who released their rather rocking single “Dead Dreamers” earlier in the year.

The track came after seeing that “the world tried to set itself on fire the last year,” and the band wrote based on that and ended up with a dirty rocker with riffs that remind a bit of acts like Royal Blood, with a bit of the bombastic nature of early Muse. It’s got a big time sound that has some serious mainstream appeal.

Take a listen to “Dead Dreamers” below, and don’t be afraid to turn the volume up a little bit while you do.

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Sulky Boy – “Orange Avenue”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Hailing from Brighton, England, Sulky Boy is the trio of Daniel Taylor, Sam Fitton and Andrew Farmer. Together they make “slacker pop” that is “bright, bubbly and as inane as it is heartfelt.” Fans of acts like Hoops with be delighted by “Orange Avenue” a track featuring some clean-cut riffs and dreamy ideas floating around in a gravity free area.

The track is off their debut EP Sulky Boys Play Songs Of Live which you can stream in full over at their soundcloud page. But if you need a more immediate taste, find “Orange Avenue” available to stream right below.
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courtship. – “Sunroof”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017 Electronic Listen Pop Stream

Courtship. is the courtship of partners in crime Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon, who caught bloggers attention earlier this year with their previous single “Stop For Nothing.” They followed it up in strong fashion with two equally memorable offerings with “Love For Everyone” and “Sail Away.” They found a way to one up them all with the totally infectious and hook-filled single “Sunroof.”

From the laid-back vocals, to the ultra confident mix of guitars and electronics, there’s a balance of infectious pop hooks and smart instrumentation that gives it one hell of a summery sound that I will be blasting throughout the year. This is real good stuff fellas.

It only takes the first chorus for you to realize that these guys are definitely talents to keep an eye on, but let the music do the talking for you. Stream “Sunroof” below and find the rest of their tunes posted at their soundcloud page.

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Bat House – “Yarn”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017 Indie Listen Music Video Stream Video

Bat House is a psych/math rock outfit from Boston. They released their self-titled debut album this April, which they self-produced and recorded at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in downtown Boston.

Their sound sticks out immediately as something unique and challenging in a fashion that will reward patient listeners over time. One listen to their single “Yawn” will stand out as a confident and different rock that is like a great hybrid between White Denim, Palm, Battles and even Tame Impala.

We have shared the colorful official music video below and you can stream and purchase the entire album over at their bandcamp page. These guys have a bright future ahead of them, best to keep an eye out.

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Cathedrals is the San Francisco electro-pop duo of Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin, who together create some rather infectious dance music with a purpose and most importantly, a soul.

They delight you with some rather catchy hooks but really reel you in and stand out with smartly constructed arrangements and productional flourishes. This song sounds very 80s and we mean that in the best way possible.

Enjoy the track below from the newly released official video or the soundcloud stream.

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Taipei – “Flashback Man”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017 Electronic Indie Listen Stream

Taipei is a one-man band from Finland from the mind of Henrik Sundström. He strives to create indiepop with “a warm retro-sound” that captures the melancholy vibes of Finland.

It seems that his track “Flashback Man” is the perfect first impression for potential new fans, as it captures all the things that he promises and then some. This is a colorful and rather comforting piece of indie rock that sits somewhere between the world of electronic and indiepop, but never quite on the line of either. But the sense of melancholy is definitely there and it sticks with you. Think of it as a mix between Youth Lagoon and Discovery.

It’s off of a 8-track album also entitled Taipei that may be one of the most overlooked albums of the year. Find that over at soundcloud and stream “Flashback Man” below.

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