Ballet School – Cherish

By Will Oliver, August 20th 2014 New Other Stream

Ballet School

I’m a sucker for 80s rock, its often very cheesy, but that somehow is a part of its lovable charm. These days a lot of bands are drawing from 80s synth-pop, including Berlin-based trio Ballet School. On September 9 they will release their new album The Dew Lasts An Hour via Bella Union.

First single “Cherish” has shimmering synths and powerful percussion, but its built on the showstopping vocals of Rosie Blair. These guys sound polished, and know how to pack on layers and layers of hooks. “Cherish” is a larger than life pop song, the stuff that would be blasting on the radio, if we were only so lucky.

Stream it below.

Hiss Golden Messenger – Saturday’s Song

By Will Oliver, August 20th 2014 Other

Hiss Golden Messenger

On September 9 M.C. Taylor, who you may known better as Hiss Golden Messenger, will release his new album Lateness Of Dancers on Merge Records (his first release on the label).

The album’s first single “Saturday’s Song” is a charming piece of folk-based rock, with a light dreamy feel to it in a Jeff Tweedy/Wilco sort of fashion. It’s the sort of song perfect for a long drive on the open road. Enjoy it below.

“Saturday’s Song”:

Childhood – As I Am

By Will Oliver, August 20th 2014 Listen Stream


We last posted Nottingham quartet Childhood back in fall 2012. This was a very different time in my life, where I was slogging away at a corporate job that just wasn’t right for me.

Here we are almost two years later, and the band has released their debut album Lacuna (it came out last week via House Anxiety/Marathon Artists. I’m a slightly different person now, but the band seem to have stayed the same, releasing some pretty stunning tunes, including lead single “As I Am.”

This is a glamorous and shimmering rock song that is pop in all the right made. It’s practically built for glorious summer days, so hold onto this one dear, as there’s only so many perfect days for it left. It’s as feel good as they come.

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The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Rural Alberta Advantage will return with new album Mended With Gold on Paper Bag Records come September 30.

All their signature pieces come together to form something hard hitting and emotional on first single “Terrified.” The raw vocals of Nils Edenloff, the persistant percussion of incredible drummer Paul Banwatt, and the synth/vocal work of Amy Cole all add up to one impressive whole. They summon up a dreamy atmospheric world that you wan’t to become totally immersed in.

Three minutes simply isn’t enough.

Bob Moses – Grace

By Will Oliver, August 20th 2014 Listen Other Stream

Bob Moses

Earlier this year Vancouver the duo of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, who go by the moniker Bob Moses, released a fantastic single called “Grace” that I want to bring your attention to this instant.

It’s actually the b-side to the 7″ single of “I Ain’t Gonna Be The First To Cry”, which Domino Records put out. While the a-side is a tune itself, it’s the b-side “Grace” that caught my attention.

Its a house tune that takes its time to get where its going at seven minutes, but when it hits that groove, watch out. A blippy electronic pattern sets the tone, but its the calming vocals of Tom Howie that bring it all home over a effortless vocal hook. This is a straight up smooth jam.

Stream “Grace” below.

GOAT – Hide From The Sun

By Will Oliver, August 20th 2014 Listen Other Stream

Goat promo photo

Swedish band GOAT bring 60s tripped out desert vibes on their track “Hide From The Sun.” Elements of psych-rock drip from its core, sounding like a mix of Tame Impala and Temples. It’s one hell of a sonic journey, of space and time. It isn’t a surprise when you learn that they wear masks during their live show, letting their appearance becoming a part of their live experience.

“Hide From The Sun” is included on their new album Commune that will be released on September 23 via Sub Pop. Stream it below. Read the rest of this entry »

Rival Empire – Calling Me

By Will Oliver, August 20th 2014 Listen New Stream

RIval Empire

Rival Empires are a trio out of Chicago who recently released their new self-titled album.

“Calling Me” is a track off the album, built on a uplifting pop hook that mixes elements of synth-based pop as well as rock. They aim their heights as high as they can, and take you on a widescreen journey that is certainly easy on the ears.

Stream “Calling Me” below and stream the entire album at their soundcloud page.

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FaltyDL – Some Jazz Shit

By Will Oliver, August 20th 2014 Listen Other Stream


Earlier this month producer/DJ FaltyDL released a new album called In The Wild.

I want to bring your attention to a lovely tune off of the record called “Some Jazz Shit.” In it, FaltyDL blends all kinds of genres and ideas into one beautiful trance-like song that takes your mind on a colorful exploration that transports you to various moods and memories. It’s quite amazing. That title alone should be enough to tell you that this is a must hear sort of song.

Enjoy it below.

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Vision The Kid – Devil

By Will Oliver, August 20th 2014 Listen Stream

Vision The Kid

Vision the Kid is an up-and-coming rapper from Minneapolis. He was voted the best local rapper in a poll by, and is hearing up for the release of his new album Somewhere In A Dark City, which he made along with producer Tru.

The record’s lead single is “Devil” a fired up and inspired song with a larger than life feeling of importance, with some elements of established rap-group Atmosphere, who just happened to be based out of Minneapolis as well.

Stream “Devil” below.

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