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Alice Mary – “Loving Game”

By Will Oliver, November 1st 2017

Hailing from London, Alice Mary is a classically trained, who has caught my ear with a little pop ear-worm by the name of “Loving Game.”

It’s song with an electronic sound but made from the framework of a true songwriter. There are elements of an easy going folk rock nature as well as a simple knack for writing one hell of a pop song. It doesn’t take long for it to warm your heart but tickle the pop sensibilities that we have inside of us, whether we like to admit it or not. There’s a crisp and airiness to this song that feels like it could’ve come from a Swedish artist, which is indeed a compliment.

“Loving Game” is taken from Alice Mary’s debut EP I Am Here which was released via AM Records and can be heard below. The whole EP is available to stream on her soundcloud page and is available to purchase on iTunes as well.
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Los Colognes – “Unspoken”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017

Nashville, Tennessee rockers Los Colognes warm you right into their track “Unspoken,” a sprawling epic rocker that sits somewhere between acts like The War On Drugs and Dawes. It has a glamorous, yet layered rock track that toys with arena rock, some jammy aspects and classic rock, while maintaining this poised sense of cool that is soothing and confident as all hell.

“Unspoken” is taken from their third album The Wave which was released this May via Big Deal Media/Thirty Tigers. Enjoy the track, which is posted below.
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Taipei – “Flashback Man”

By Will Oliver, October 21st 2017

Taipei is a one-man band from Finland from the mind of Henrik Sundström. He strives to create indiepop with “a warm retro-sound” that captures the melancholy vibes of Finland.

It seems that his track “Flashback Man” is the perfect first impression for potential new fans, as it captures all the things that he promises and then some. This is a colorful and rather comforting piece of indie rock that sits somewhere between the world of electronic and indiepop, but never quite on the line of either. But the sense of melancholy is definitely there and it sticks with you. Think of it as a mix between Youth Lagoon and Discovery.

It’s off of a 8-track album also entitled Taipei that may be one of the most overlooked albums of the year. Find that over at soundcloud and stream “Flashback Man” below.
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Blonde Otter – “Siren Song”

By Will Oliver, October 16th 2017

Blonde Otter are a five-piece hailing from The Bronx, crafting a set of rock that sits somewhere between the old fashioned hits of the past, a bit of power pop and modern garage rock.

There’s a sense of nostalgia heard in their track “Siren Song” which has an easy-going natural charm to it that’s hard not to fall in love with. The grooves are easy, the vocals are on point, it just chugs along and doesn’t quite do anything new, but does what it aims to do so damn well you can’t help but be completely won over.

“Siren Song” is off of the group’s debut EP Hello, Bye Bye which is available to stream on their soundcloud page in full. You can directly stream the aforementioned “Siren Song” below.
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Nine Inch Nails at Webster Hall (July 31, 2017)

By Will Oliver, August 30th 2017

After a headlining performance the night before at Panorama, Nine Inch Nails greeted New York early in the morning announcing a special intimate performance at Webster Hall. This was a special show for obvious reasons, as seeing Nine Inch Nails in a club such as Webster is a rare treat and especially as it is the last show that I will ever see at this version of Webster Hall, which is shutting down to serve for some renovations for a new version that will open in 18 months or so.
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BNNY RBBT – “Waterfalls Down”

By Will Oliver, August 30th 2017

Earlier in the year we introduced an artist named BNNY RBBT who has his own fair share of mystery behind him. As legend has it, the only footage of his existence is on some old forgotten VHS tapes. Slowly but surely some of his work has been discovered, in the form of tracks like “Big World” and “Bombs.”

Another little nugget has been uncovered ripe for rediscovery in the form of “Waterfalls Down.” It’s another haunting piece of electronic pop with effect-heavy vocals that create a song that’s somewhere between a glorious dream or terrifying nightmare. The song continues the sense of melancholy and loss that the others ones did as well, making us believe that there are plenty more gems just waiting to be found.

For now, enjoy a stream of “Waterfalls Down” below and head to the BNNY RBBT page for more info on the mysterious artist.
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Planetarium is the album and collaborative project of Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner (of The National), Nico Muhly, and James McAlister. The debut album (released via 4AD) sees them mesh their talents to one unique whole, with an album about the many planets and universes, connected to universal human themes as well.

This summer only saw a few select live tour dates for the group, which included a performance in Brooklyn on July 18 at Prospect Park for the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival.
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Febueder – “Morning Yawn”

By Will Oliver, May 27th 2017

Febueder are an English trio featuring lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kieran Godfrey, percussionist Samuel Keysell, and Toby Ingram on bass. Earlier this month they released their new EP From An Album.

“Morning Yawn” is the first single taken from the EP. Featuring a dark atmosphere that echoing vocals that sit somewhere between the worlds of Alt-J and Foals, a great thing depending on where you stand on those artists (who we both love). Smooth, confident, and sultry, “Morning Yawn” would be one well of a way to wake up in the morning.

Take a listen to “Morning Yawn” below, and if you like what you hear, grab the EP from iTunes.
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Gorillaz at Rough Trade NYC (April 25, 2017)

By Will Oliver, May 1st 2017

Last Tuesday, April 25, Gorillaz made their return to New York City for their first U.S. show in seven years. One would think they’d return to one of venues that they previously visited: MSG, The Apollo, or anything with the the capacity to house a band of their size. This was not the case, as they surprised us all with an impossibly intimate show at Rough Trade NYC last Tuesday, April 25. As per usual with special shows at Rough Trade, you had to buy their new album Humanz the morning of the show at 11am – in theory paying about $30 to see the band at such a small venue (the show may be their smallest to date?). Not a bad deal.

With so much advance warning, this meant that Gorillaz diehards were going to literally lineup and camp out in the rain (because of course it was raining) in order to guarantee themselves a shot at gaining entry to one of the hottest shows of the year. This meant that arriving the night before was not an option, but a requirement in order to gain entry. I was one of the fans crazy enough to wait out for a whole 12 hours, arriving at 11pm along with a few dedicated friends, in order to make sure we got that golden ticket. Even arriving when we did placed us only at numbers 52-55. While waiting on line, word began to spread that the capacity for this show was truly 200 instead of the normal 250, as the stage had to be extended in order to fit all of the band. Then when you factored in 50 guestlist spots, it meant that only 150 diehard fans were really getting in. By 3am the line well eclipsed the 150-person mark, and by morning, it stretched past a hopeless 500. A lot of people unfortunately were turned away, but for those who got in, it meant seeing Damon Albarn and friends in a couple of hours – after we caught up on some well needed and deserved sleep.

Before the show, Albarn greeted us with an explanation that they couldn’t deliver the full spectacle of a show with projections or the enormous production that you’d come to expect from an act of their size, but considering where they were playing, it was a part of the charm to see them play in such a barebones manner with just the normal Rough Trade black cloth hanging behind them. They played Humanz from front to back (except the polarizing “Hallelujah Money”), and even brought out a few guests from the album, including Paven Evertt for “Strobelite,” Posdnuos of De La Soul for “Momentz,” Jamie Principle for “Sex Murder Party,” and Kali Uchis for “She’s My Collar.”

Albarn and the rest of the band were in great spirits, enjoying the intimacy of the evening, which allowed them to stare into the eyes of their fans (Albarn even took a hit from a blunt a fan was smoking in the middle of a song) as they ripped through the party anthems of the new album. They really seemed to enjoy playing these new songs, which made for a great disparity in the encore, which featured old staples, “Last Living Souls,” “Kids With Guns,” and of course, “Clint Eastwood.” There were some issues and stop starts with them, but once they got going, the crowd properly lost their mind. For “Clint Eastwood” Albarn asked for a fan who knew Del The Funky Homosapien’s verse to come up and join them, and picked a young lady who actually did resemble Noodle – one of the bands animated characters- and even put on red sunglasses almost recreating the Humanz album art. She apparently was tripping, and tried to deliver the goods as promised, but she really wasn’t heard, but thankfully the crowd did their duty and took over the song, turning the somewhat awkward situation into something memorable.

It was quite a wild 24 hours waiting in the cold to see the band, and who can say a wait like that is ever truly worth it, but I guess the best way to measure that is asking if I’d do it again: Yes, in a heartbeat.

Enjoy some more subpar iPhone shots posted below, along with the setlist:

Gorillaz Setlist:

1. Ascension
2. Strobelite (with Peven Everett)
3. Saturnz Barz
4. Momentz (with Posdnuos of De La Soul)
5. Submission
6. Charger
7. Andromeda
8. Busted and Blue
9. Carnival
10. Let Me Out
11. Sex Murder Party (with Jamie Principle)
12. She’s My Collar (with Kali Uchis)
13. We Got the Power


14. Last Living Souls
15. Kids With Guns
16. Clint Eastwood

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