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Many people find it shocking that I never saw Crystal Castles live before. They make sure to confirm how ridiculous the notion is, because of how utterly ridiculous the Crystal Castles live experience is. Rest assured, I believed them, but I surely didn’t know just how true the sentiment was at the time.

Being a small intimate private party, I was lucky enough to have a position side by side with One Thirty BPM’s very own Evan Kaloudis right near the front of the stage. I may have never seen the band live before, but I was aware of how important a good spot was, as lead singer Alice Glass is known for spending a large amount of her time crowd surfing and making sure you’re aware of her presence.

It didn’t take time for me to realize that all my friends were incredibly correct about Crystal Castles live power. Immediately we were pistol whipped into a dance rave frenzy that was marvelous controlled chaos. Alice Glass lived up to her reputation as a hypnotic performer, crowd surfing numerous times. At one point she grabbed my hand, and I helped propel her into the crowd as I gloriously multi-tasked snapping photos. Her presence is a mixture of wild sexiness that is also quite intimidating. While taking photos I was pretty concerned that she would crack her bottle of Jim Bean over my head.

Thankfully things never got that wild, but this show was copious amounts of ecstasy ready fun. The whole show flew by, with all the best cuts from the bands 2 LP’s guiding the way towards the rave-tastic event that left us out of breath, and instead, filled with joy.

I can tell you right now, do whatever you can to see Crystal Castles live. Everything that you’ve heard about their live show is beyond true. Their performance was the highlight of my CMJ, and easily one of the most genuinely fun concert experiences of my time.

It truly is ridiculous that I never saw them until last night.

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Crystal Castles – Not In Love (Feat. Robert Smith)

By Will Oliver, October 27th 2010

“Not In Love” is a song that’s on Crystal Castles newest album Crystal Castles II. It’s also a cover of the Platinum Blonde song. The band has just released a remix of the song that features Robert Smith of The Cure. How insane is that?

This version of the song absolutely rules. Too hard. What a perfect combination. It’s going to be included on their single for their original version which is coming out on December 6th via Fiction.

[mp3]: Crystal Castles – Not In Love (Feat. Robert Smith)

[music video] Crystal Castles – Celestica

By Will Oliver, June 23rd 2010 — with 4 comments

Watch the new Crystal Castles music video for “Celestica” below. It features Alice walking around, and singing while laying in the grass. It also has children playing violins in graveyards. Just a normal day for them, I guess…

Remix’s very rarely find way’s to make it better. I think that Memory Tapes remix of Crystal Castles’ “Suffocation” comes pretty damn close. It doesn’t try to make it a bupin’ dance floor remix. Rather, he adds more texture to the song creating a new atmosphere. The songs a hazy take that sounds like its residing in a dark shadow. He took the song and gave it a fascinating spin. This is the way remixes ought to be:

[mp3]: Crystal Castles – Suffocation (Memory Tapes Remix)

If you haven’t already, pre-order Crystal Castles new self titled (again) album from insound on Vinyl or CD. Or else Alice Glass will get you in your sleep. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

Buy it at Insound!

Alice Glass at Music Hall of Williamsburg (May 13, 2018)

By Collin Quinlivan, June 17th 2018

Alice Glass had a huge impact on my formative music tastes. I remember the first time I heard Crystal Castles: I was packed into the back of my friend’s Oldsmobile with six other people on our way to a Decemberists show. “Crimewave” was on the road trip’s playlist, and it was instantly something that stood out to all of us. Our first mythic CC show was in 2011, and that night Alice was performing despite having a broken ankle. Her dedication to her live performances was the stuff of legends, and she certainly delivered. We were entering an age where social media was being grafted to our personal lives, and for a lot of us, Alice was the voice of the ghost in the machine screaming back out at us.
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Alice Glass has shed the skin of Crystal Castles and embarked on a solo career that she always seemed destined for, releasing her debut self-titled EP last fall via Loma Vista. Eyes were always locked on her during their wild live performances and now she is getting the attention that she deserves.

We caught her opening performance for Marilyn Manson at Hammerstein Ballroom last fall and now she will return to us for a headlining show of her own at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday, May 13 that also features the equally wonderful Zola Jesus and Pictureplane on the bill as well.

Tickets for the show are still available for purchase but we have a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. To enter, simply send us an email at [email protected] with ALICE as the Subject and then the name you’d want guestlisted in the body as well as you’re favorite Alice/CC song. We’ll pick a winner and notify them closer to the show.

Good luck!
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