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[new] The Drums – What You Were

By Will Oliver, August 25th 2011 — with 1 comment

With new album Portamento on the way (September 6 via Frenchkiss Records) The Drums have started a new video series called Visiomento. Every Tuesday (until the end of 2011) they will upload a video to their youtube page and will share with us live in studio performances, interviews, special guests, and more.

This weeks episode was a live performance of Portamento showing, “What You Were”. If you’ve seen them live this summer they probably opened with it. This performance is as good as you can ask for.

Portamento is definitely my most anticipated album for the fall. After watching this performance, you may feel the same:

Grab a mp3 rip of this session after the jump:

Edit the start time in itunes to the 28 second mark.

[mp3]: The Drums – What You Were (Visiomento Session)

The Drums Announce Fall Tour Dates

By Will Oliver, July 26th 2011

The Drums are releasing new album, Portamento, on September 13 via Frenchkiss Records. The band recently dropped their new music video for, “Money”. Watch that here.

The band has just announced fall 2011 tour dates that will follow the release of the LP. It starts on September 28 in Hoboken NJ, and ends November 6 in Washington DC. Presale tickets go on sale Wednesday July 27 at 10AM EST, here. Check out the full list of dates:
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[music video] The Drums – Money

By Will Oliver, July 26th 2011

The Drums have released the music video for their very catchy single, “Money”. It’s a little different than I expected, with some strange interactions with strangers. It’s an interesting watch, take a look:

Yesterday was brutal hot, over 100 degrees in many places. It didn’t stop me and some music hungry Brooklynites from heading to the Williamsburg Waterfront to rock out with Death From Above 1979.

The Drums were announced as a surprise opener only a week ago or so to my delight. Their music has practically been the soundtrack to this summer for my friends and I. They played a lot of new material such as the catchy new single, “Money”. Some new stuff really seems to be playing true to a 80s new wave sound. They played most of their debut album, notably leaving out “Let’s Go Surfing” and “Down By The Water”. I think part of this attributes to the new direction that the band hinted at on some of the new songs. I had a great time swaying to their set. Not sure how the rest of the crowd enjoyed it since it’s sort of an odd pairing considering the music that comes out of Death From Above.

Immediately as Jesse Keeler & Sebastien Grainger took the stage they teased us with the beginnings of “Turn It Out”. You’d be lying if you said that you couldn’t feel the tension of the crowd waiting to be released. As soon as these guys started rocking, a full on mosh pit was going strong in the front. Who can blame the fans, we’ve been waiting nearly five years for these guys to come back with a tour.

I watched the first two or three songs right behind the pit, snapped a few photos, then couldn’t resist and joined in myself, with my friends following. We spent the rest of the set in there and can’t imagine the show without doing so. For such a hot day, it’s incredible that everyone kept dancing/moshing for the duration of their set. Things were steadily pretty crazy, but it truly hit the fan when “Romantic Rights” came on. It was hot, sweaty, and crazy in the pit, but it was contagious fun as well.

I don’t think the band has any plans to get back together, but I can live with that now because last nights concert was straight up fun. It was as rock and roll as you can ask for. It was hot, sweaty, and half the time I was out of breath and bracing my surroundings. I wouldn’t want it any other way with DFA1979. The band seemed to be having a lot of fun, and it seemed like they haven’t missed a beat even after spending so much time apart.

In summary, last night I saw two bands: One who have been taking a big chunk of my present (The Drums), and another who took up a big chunk of my past (DFA). It was an odd eclectic mix that may not have worked for others, but it was a great contrast of my musical past and present that added up to an awesome summer night.

Here’s a setlist I snagged post show:

Check out more photos and videos after the jump:
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[new] The Drums – Money

By Will Oliver, July 13th 2011 — with 1 comment

The Drums have released a brand new single titled “Money” that is just that, money (they played it live at Bonnaroo, and it was a lot of fun). It reaches out and grabs that romantic 80s pop sound that the band do so well. Clearly, they are ready to take things to the next level on their new album, Portamento.

“Money” is full of all the youthful energy that we’ve come to expect from the band. Jonathan Pierce always delivers sharp love longing lyrics, and “Money” is no different. He pulls it off so well, his voice sounds more dominating (like it is at their live shows), which works in his favor. The song is a rush of energy that is just as catchy as it is reliably fun. Good luck trying not to sing this tomorrow.

My friends and I have been binging on the Drums debut album, finding it to be a perfect fit for our summer habits. Time to add “Money” to the collection.

Update: Here’s the album’s artwork:

Check out the Portamento tracklist, after the jump:

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The Drums Reveal Teaser Video: Portamento

By Will Oliver, June 29th 2011

The Drums have released a new teaser video for their new album which may be titled Portamento. Watch the video below which features some new music from the band, as well as grainy footage of the band in the studio. The new material is sounding like darker 80s new wave. The new album will hopefully be released later this fall.

The Drums Release Single For Japan Relief Efforts

By Will Oliver, April 20th 2011

The Drums have recorded and released a new single titled “The New World” that is available for paid download. All proceeds will go towards Japan disaster relief efforts.

Here’s a message from The Drums in regards to the single:

“We are deeply saddened by what has happened, and we are so in awe of the strength and courage shown by the people of Japan. We wrote this song to bring a little more hope. Japan, we have loved you since the very first moment we set foot on your land. Thank you for all your love.”

The track is available to purchase at iTunes right now.

If you want, take a listen to a stream of the song that (I found) on youtube. Be sure to buy the song if you like it. It’s for a great cause.



The Drums @ Stereogum Showcase (10/20/2010)

By Will Oliver, November 5th 2010 — with 1 comment

By the end of this night, I was exhausted. I was excited the see The Drums, but I honestly had no energy left. However, once The Drums came on stage and kicked into their set, I got a boost of energy and was good to go. These guys absolutely bring their A-game live. I really enjoyed their debut album, but the recorded version of their songs do the band no justice live. These guys have so much energy and bite live, it’s not even funny. They were dramatic, aggressive, and ready to rock out. All four of them moved and grooved to each and every song, showing passion and devotion to each and every lyric that Jonathan Pierce sung.

Jacob Graham and Jonathan were both overly theatrical, and it worked. These songs were meant to be sung in such a dramatic fashion, and it seemed appropriate. Jacob moved and spun with each swift guitar riff, making you feel attached to his each and every move. You couldn’t help but keep your eyes on stage. The highlight of the night was the incredible “Down By The Water” which the band absolutely nailed. It was powerful and full of plenty of emotion.

I will say it: The Drums are a live band. They bring an entirely different energy to their live shows. Do not pass up a chance to see them live. They freaking bring it.


Check out more, after the jump:

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[mp3]: The Drums – Down By The Water

By Will Oliver, August 3rd 2010 — with 4 comments

The Drums are allowing “Down By The Water” to be downloaded as a free mp3, so if you somehow haven’t heard the song or the band already, scoop it up legally/free at the end of the post.

“Down By The Water” is one of the band’s slower moments, but it’s a damn good moment at that. I really like the vintage summer sound that the band brings to the table. You have all probably heard it by now, but for those of you who this song is new to, enjoy:

[mp3]: The Drums – Down By The Water

You can also read an interview that NY Mag did with The Drums front-man/lead singer Jonathan Pierce right here.

After the jump, check out The Drums fall tour dates with the incredible Surfer Blood:

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[music video] The Drums – Forever And Ever Amen

By Will Oliver, May 24th 2010 — with 1 comment

On June 7th, the Brooklyn surf-pop band The Drums will release their self titled debut album The Drums, and I think it will be a perfect record for your warm summer moments. Check out the music video for “Forever And Ever Amen”, one of the songs on the album:

Also, be sure to grab a free mp3 of “It Will All End In Tears”, a song from their album that they gave away on their website.

[mp3]: The Drums – It Will All End In Tears

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