The Jim Mitchells – “Ankle Deep”

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

The Jim Mitchells are a five-piece out of Sydney who have followed up their 2016 debut EP Planet Absorbed with a good old fashion psych rock gem with new single “Ankle Deep.”

It’s a slice of nostalgic garage rock with a psych edge that is done with a confident and natural nature that works wonderfully. It’s got a delightful old school groove and pulls it off charmingly.

Take a listen to “Ankle Deep” below.

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One listen to Henry Nowhere’s debut single “Don’t Care Where,” and I was instantly reminded of the work of the chilled out indie rock of Day Wave. Guess it didn’t totally surprise me to learn that Henry actually has been touring with Day Wave for the past couple of years.

He’s taken this sound but also added a bit of classic old school rock sounds such as Beach Boys vocals and some ultra-chill and retro sounds that he gives a new fresh spin that works magnificently.

The track was released as a split 7″ with “Come Back From LA” and released via Sleep Well Records. You can find a stream of “Don’t Care Where” below

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Human Heat – “Best For You”

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2017 Other

You may be remember musician Alex Schaaf for his tremendous work with the now defunct indie rock band Yellow Ostrich. After four years as Yellow Ostrich, Schaaf wrapped things up in 2014 (we caught their final show ever) and began a stint as a touring member with The Tallest Man On Earth and Tei Shi. Soon enough he got the desire to begin making his own music again which eventually became the start of Human Heat.

After an emotional breakup, Schaaf left Brooklyn and moved back home to the Midwest where the project really took flight and resulted in his debut Human Heat full-length album All Is Too Much, which was released in September via Offline Records.

Below I have shared with you guys the rather lovely and melancholic slice of carefully constructed synth-pop that still has Schaaf’s signature songwriting style and vocal delivery which is still operating like a charm. You can enjoy that below and find the whole album streaming and available to purchase at the Human Heat bandcamp page.

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Split Milk – “The Fall”

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Split Milk are a three-piece band out of Sydney, Australia, who are finishing up their final year in high school. But don’t think that they aren’t taken this seriously, they plan to take the band to the necessary places to make it big. After hearing their debut single “The Fall,” I believe them. There’s some dreamy psych-rock explorations reminiscent of fellow Aussie’s Tame Impala but also some more further explorations that are extremely promising for a bands debut effort.

The track will be included on their soon to come debut EP. For now, enjoy a stream of “The Fall” below.

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The Radio Dept. – “Just So”

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2017 Electronic Indie Listen Stream

Last year the always great Swedish group The Radio Dept. returned with their new album Running Out Of Love. This year they finally returned to New York for a live performance at Bowery Ballroom and later in the year they returned with a new EP entitled Teach Me To Forget (via Labrador Records) that features two new songs, three remixes as well as a new version of the title track.

Today we are sharing with you one of the new songs included on the EP, the throbbing electronic dance track in “Just So.” It features the signature sound that they have owned for well over a decade but also adding a mix of house/dance influences to the mix of dreamy indie rock.

Take a listen to “Just So” below.
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Much earlier this year I had the pleasure of premiering Irish rockers Brass Phantoms track “Waiting Up.” The group has stayed plenty busy, going on to follow-up that delightful rocker with two more great anthems worthy of equal praise: “City Of Wolves” and “Indigo.”

“City Of Wolves” hits with those same infectious guitars that give back memories of what Two Door Cinema Club once sounded like, with some big moments of atmosphere left hanging in the air. Then there’s “Indigo,” a track that showcases an even bigger and thoughtful version of their sound that puts a heavy emphases on the vocals, while also dazzling you with the instrumentals surrounding it. The band have shown additional range which has me even more excited for their eventual full-length release which can combine all of these sounds into one complete whole.

For now, enjoy both “City Of Wolves” and “Indigo,” which are posted below.

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The Dawn Bombs – “Acetylene”

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

The Dawn Bombs hail from Bellingham, Washington and according to them, they’re worth you’re time. Well one listen to their track “Acetylene,” you start to realize they’re on to something. Their blend of indie rock is oddly out there but also just as catchy and memorable. They got some leftfield doowap harmonies, jazz rhythmic sensibilities all to combine into something totally infectious.

“Acetylene” is a tight piece of work from their three-song EP Greetings From​.​.​. which is available to stream and purchase at their bandcamp page. You can also find a stream of the song posted right below.

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See You At Home are a duo from London who say they make, “dreamy sad songs.” On their track “Mid-Party Drepression” (what a great title) the duo prove this to be true in great fashion.

“Mid-Party Depression” opens up with a beautiful guitar bit that calls to mind some emo rockers such as American Football, but takes a different route that is still equally as moving in its own way. There’s a sense of pain and longing felt with every uttered breath and lovely post-punk guitar riff.

It’s taken from their EP Be Happy which was released this summer. It’s available for whatever price you want at their bandcamp page and you can stream the song below as well.

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Them Animals – “Moving Pictures”

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2017 Indie Listen Rock Stream

Them Animals are a rock group from Baltimore, Maryland who have me thinking back to some of the early days of The Black Keys with their very bluesy garage rock track “Moving Pictures.”

Those gritty guitar riffs work well into the heavy influence of blues rockers of the past and even the vocals give a bit of a reminder to the work of Dan Auerbach. The track is taken from their self-titled debut EP which was released this summer.

You can find the whole EP available to stream at their bandcamp page and enjoy a stream of “Moving Pictures” below

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