3_Lydia Ainsworth_Baby's

With the wether dipping to chilly levels and the days turning into nights much faster, it’s the perfect time of year for a spectral record such as Right From Real, the debut album from Lydia Ainsworth. For a debut album, it’s as readymade as they come. She has an established voice, sound, and construct. After becoming well acquainted with her music, it won’t be surprising to learn that she studied how to score films at both McGill and NYU, and even scored the 2011 film The Woods. She has a vision and knows how to build towards the vision in her own unique passage.

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1_Tei Shi_Baby's

Late Thursday night I headed to Baby’s All Right for Gorilla vs Bear’s showcase in hopes of catching Lydia Answorth, who was one of my “must see” bands of CMJ 2014. I also heard good things about Tei Shi, and ended up magically getting there in time for her set. Thank god I did, because she blew my mind.

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The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Rural Alberta Advantage have been favorites around here as long as this blog has been running. If they’re playing in New York, you can bet that you can find me there.

They’ve just released their latest album, Mended With Gold, and are touring the states. They stop by New York on November 13 and 14 for a two-night run at Bowery Ballroom. Trust me when I say that they’re a must see live, purely to watch the super talented Paul Banwatt bang away behind the kit.

Tickets are still on sale, but we got a pair of tickets to give away to night 1 (November 13). To enter, simply leave a comment below and I’ll notify you if you’re our selected winner. Good luck!

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Bombay Bicycle Club

1_Milo Greene_T5

Milo Greene

All photos by Rachel Barrish

CMJ is known for its showcases of new music discovery, but it also showcases some of the more established talents in the game who just happen to stop in during the busy, busy festival week.

On Wednesday October 22, Bombay Bicycle Club and Milo Greene stopped into Terminal 5 for a rock solid tag-team bill. L.A.’s Milo Greene, went first, delivering tracks off of their upcoming new album Control, (which is due out on Atlantic Records next January) such as “On The Fence”. They also came back to favorites from their self-titled 2012 release, which went somewhat under the radar. The new material sounds like a real step forward for the band, making me excited to catch them myself when they return for a headlining tour of their own.

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BØRNS is the project of Garrett Borns, based out of Los Angeles (by the way of Michigan). He sports an angelic voice that just carries a room, as proven in their pretty awesome debut single “10,000 Emerald Pools.” It’s a large-scale song with some pretty major production, which makes his signing to major label Interscope seem like a no brainer. These guys are headed in the upward direction, that’s for sure.

I took in a set from the group at Fader Fort, and enjoyed the group live quite a bit. They combine elements of disco-funk, dance, and soul all in one shiny package that is the voice of Mr. Borns. Next week (November 10) the group will release their debut EP Candy, which will feature “10,000 Emerald Pools,” which is ready for you to stream below.

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It took forever to get into Converse Rubber Tracks for Fader Fort (the promise of free booze will cause massive lines), but once I did I caught a bit of Australian band DMA’s. They released their self-titled EP earlier in the year and have been creating a bunch of buzz for new single “Laced” (which is deserved). Live they sounded pretty polished and ready to go, with a bit of an Oasis growl to their vocals, and a pretty solid sound overall.

It was only a taste of a few songs, but I liked what I saw. These lads have promise, that’s for sure.
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1_Mainland_Cake Shop

I first caught local New York City band Mainland briefly when they opened for Palma Violets at Glasslands in the early days of 2013. Since then the band has been steadily releasing new material and making a name for themselves on the local live scene, an impressive feat considering how crowded New York City can be.

This CMJ I caught a brief but impressive set from them at Cake Shop for NYC Taper’s fantastic day show. The group, led confidently by frontman Jordan Topf, delivered a energetic set that hit all the right notes. They really have come a long way since I last saw them. They ended things with a fantastic performance of “Leave The Lights On” which saw Topf and Corey Mullee finish things off in style, joining the crowd as they rocked out.

Don’t let Mainland slip from your radar. They’re a bright young band that are ones to keep an eye on. Big things are on the way.

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1_Palehound_Cake Shop

Yonkers-based band Palehound had a succesful CMJ 2013, but still made their return this year. I caught them at NYC Taper’s awesome day party at Cake Shop, and the band delivered some tight songs that fit somewhere in the slacker/garage rock landscape. Things got strange when an older fan showed some pretty provocative dance (maybe?) moves, but the band just powered through and didn’t let it become a distraction (which it very well was). Kudos to them for that.

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