Pole Siblings – “Ghosts”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017 — with 1 comment Indie Listen Stream

Pole Siblings is the Finnish duo of actual siblings Sofia & Johan Stolpe. They made their debut as a band this year with the release of their EP It Might Grow via Strangers Candy.

The siblings actually lived apart for nearly 10 years before they both found love on the other side of the Baltic Sea and they both happened to move to Sweden at the same time and started the band. Even though their love came and went – as it does – they kept the band going, and thank god for that. One listen to their haunting track “Ghosts” is all the evidence you need to be happy about them sticking it out, as it’s a real stunner. There’s a bit of The Antlers haunted emotion in the song, connecting to something deep and true and making it all seem so natural and real.

You can stream the stunning track below and find the whole EP available to hear and purchase over at bandcamp.

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Her’s – “I’ll Try”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Her’s is the duo of Norway’s Audun Laading and Borrow-born Stephen Fitzpatrick who are now rooted in Liverpool. The group has seen quite a bit of success with the release of quite a few well received singles, the group got together this May to release Songs of Her’s a mini album documenting all of their work as Her’s so far – released via Heist or Hit.

They also included a bit of the future in the form of some new material such as the lush and romantic “I’ll Try” which moves with a good temperament and melody that sucks you in and only improves along the way. The make it seem so damn natural and easy, which is clearly a part of their charm and gift.

Take a listen to “I’ll Try” below and head to their soundcloud page to hear some more.

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Dead Parties – “93”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Dead Parties is group fronted by Etienne Mamo who originated from Melbourne but moved to Barcelona a few years ago when he turned his rented apartment into a home studio and began recording his debut album as Dead Parties. The group has since turned into a full on band and incorporated the influences from rock groups that inspired him such as Teenage Fanclub, The Black Angels, My Blood Valentine and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

One listen to their current single “93” and the influence from those groups is heavily felt, with a big shoegazy effort that feels very 90s in the best way possible.

The track is off of their debut album which can be expected fairly soon. But for now, enjoy a stream of “93” posted below.

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Heron – “Drop”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017 — with 1 comment Indie Instrumental Listen Post-Rock Stream

At this point in time it’s hard not to hear a beautiful instrumental rock track and not think of Explosions In The Sky. But when I compare a band to EIS it’s a compliment of the highest order, and I hope that Pennsylvania post-rock instrumental collective Heron don’t mind me doing so about their song “Drop.”

Featuring some moving guitar riffs and a strong rhythm core to hold down the fort, there’s a lot of outstanding and beautiful moments on “Drop,” a lovely track that is taken off of the group’s album You Are Here Now, released much earlier this year but still plenty worth your time. All the tracks were recorded live and locally to them in Kane, Pennsylvania a sound which they describe as “More of a composite sound experience than a series of songs.”

Get taken away by “Drop” below and stream the whole record over at their bandcamp page.

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Au.Ra – “Applause”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Australian musicians Tim Jenkins and Tom Crandles work together as Au.Ra crafting some dazzling and dreamy electronic rock with a sense of nostalgia. Take the ultra chill track “Applause,” it doesn’t waste time winning you over with a bouncy bassline, some hazy vocals, and a wash of colorful synths.

“Applause” is taken from the duo’s sophomore album Cultivations which was released in June via Felte. It’s perfect for a late night listen with the lights down low and the volume on your headphones high.

Give “Applause” a go from the stream we got posted below and check out the rest of the album over at their bandcamp page.

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Jet Rewind – “Someone Else”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017 Indie Listen Rock Stream

Jet Rewind are a group hailing from Stockholm, who aren’t quite re-creating the rock genre by any means. But they capture a lot about what has worked in the genre across many different eras and combines them to create something equally effective in their song “Someone Else.”

Naturally you can find some comparison to The Strokes on the too cool laid back rock that is awfully reminiscent of The Strokes. But the vocal work has a European charm to it that separates it and allows the song to find a life of its own. It’s easy going nature is refreshing, it doesn’t try to overstuff the track with too much, but allows it to unfold naturally and becomes something much greater for it.

The track was released earlier this year via Admirable Traits Records and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for its follow-up. For now, enjoy the stream of “Someone Else” below.
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Safetalk – “Universal”

By Will Oliver, October 15th 2017 Electronic Listen Stream

Safetalk is a trio of 2 French producers and a Berlin-based singer. Earlier in the year they released their debut single “Universal.” It’s a dreamy piece of synth pop that is patient but confident in its exploration of its sonic territory.

The track features some colorful synth working and production that gives the lush vocals the room to dazzle and provide warmth and guidance. As far as debut singles go, Safetalk have definitely caught our attention with the rather impressive “Universal.”

For more on Safetalk find them on facebook or soundcloud. But for now, enjoy “Universal,” which is available to stream below.

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A good song often combines the power and grace of words combined with powerful music. But there’s also something quite enthralling about a good instrumental. Used in the right way, and instrumental can impact the listener in a way completely different than a song that has vocalized lyrics.

Take Boston instrumental rockers Pray For Sound. One listen to “Everywhere, Everywhere” fills you with a wide variety of feelings that are largely due to the shifting emotions giving in their driving instrumentals. Fans of Explosions In The Sky will find a large connective thread to this group, both using the power of the instrument to make you feel a certain way. It’s killer good and it’s taken from their album Everything Is Beautiful, released last year via I Am Shark.

Enjoy the song below by watching it’s official music video or using the stream from their bandcamp.

The Sea Life – “Red Eyes”

By Will Oliver, October 13th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Although The War On Drugs may come to mind when you see the title “Red Eyes,” make no mistake, Washington D.C. natives The Sea Life make a worthy claim to steal that spotlight for themselves.

It opens with a Bright Eyes-like emotional vocal performance that builds into something soul-splitting and passionate, something that sounds great and rings true. Their rocking feels raw and emotive, like a combination of Cymbals Eat Guitars and old school Arcade Fire, and you better believe that’s a compliment.

“Red Eyes” is taken off of the band’s self-titled debut album, which Babe City Records released this May. Stream the killer track below and if you like what you hear, go stream the rest of the album at their bandcamp page.

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Baby Fire – “Suffer”

By Will Oliver, October 11th 2017 Indie Listen Stream

Hailing from Toyko, three-piece indie outfit Baby Fire is making some good old fashioned rock tunes that have a ultra chill 90’s aesthetic to them. Take their track “Suffer,” released earlier in the year that many more people should be blasting out of their speakers.

The band is put together quite simply byt Akko, Andy and Jonny, with the Japanese-led vocals of Akko giving “Seoul” a dreamy quality that works magically with the rest of the track. Clean cut guitar riffs and a confidently played piano, it all adds up to creat something that is a pure delight and a real revelation for a young band just getting it’s start.

Stream “Suffer” below and keep an eye on these guys going forward.

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