Hailing from Copenhagen, Retro Kid produced a memorable electronic sound that is perfect for listening late at night with a good pair of headphones. Led by Jake Juba, Retro Kid’s sound is self-described as “electronic pop in a melancholy funk.” And they’re not too far off.

Their self-titled track is off their debut EP of the same name, a electronic wonder that takes it’s time building up into something rather hypnotic and seductive, unraveling into something more with every passing beat and vocal. Like a mix of Hot Chip, The Whitest Boy Alive and LCD Soundsystem, there’s an immediate quality to “Retro Kid” that left a lasting impression on me, and has me letting it play on repeat.

Then there’s “Kool Kids” a song that becomes something more of a hypnotic dance number, smartly constructed and executed to perfection. Considering these guys are a rather new act, it’s impressive how assured and confident all these tracks come off.

Stream both “Retro Kid” and “Kool Kids” below, and for more on Retro Kid, head to their facebook page.

At least once I year it seems I find a way to squeeze in a performance from Kishi Bashi in New York. What’s most amazing about that is not me finding my way there, but the amount of consisting touring by Bashi, who seems to never tire of releasing music and bringing it to his ever-growing fanbase live. I’m certainly not complaining, because the man puts on some of the most joyous shows that you’ll find anywhere.

Bashi released his new album Sonderlust last year via Joyful Noise Recordings which led to his largest headlining show in New York to date at Webster Hall. Last Sunday, April 23, saw Bashi return for a slightly more intimate evening at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

The sold out show saw Bashi deliver the more electronic-leaning offerings of Wonderlust, going from violin, to piano, and even bass (which Bashi hilariously exclaiming he hoped to see photos of this particular event on instagram). Even with the more dance-minded direction of his new material, he still fit in the old favorites and made them sound just as welcome as ever. Not that he was playing it safe, as he also including a bonkers cover of Styx’s “Come Sail Away,” that he brilliantly transitioned into “The Ballad Of Mr. Steak,” with a costumed Mr. Steak joining him for the song, which included some bursts of confetti. The production and showmanship of Bashi continues to grow with each show I see him, but it never feels forced, rather like a natural evolution, just like his music.

Bashi concluded the show with his band in the middle of the crowd, giving acoustic performances of “Atticus, In The Desert” and “Manchester.” The latter, no matter how many times I hear it performed this way, will always leave me with chills. It’s quite literally made to be shared and sung with the audience, who elevate it to something that will leave you with goosebumps. It’s the sort of thing that live music is all about, irreplaceable shared moments that you can never recreate, or truly explain to someone who wasn’t there, no matter how hard you try.

I hope you can experience a Kishi Bashi show at some point, if you haven’t already (and if you have, you should know to go again by now). Not many artists put on as joyous of a show as Bashi.

Find his setlist posted below, along with photos from his set along with Tall Tall Trees (who is also in Bashi’s band) who opened the show.

Kishi Bashi Setlist:

1. Bright Whites (Acoustic)
2. Beat the Bright Out of Me (Acoustic)
3. Q&A (Acoustic)
4. Wonder Woman, Wonder Me (Acoustic)
5. Statues in a Gallery
6. Carry on Phenomenon
7. m’lover
8. Say Yeah
9. Honeybody
10. Can’t Let Go, Juno
11. I Am the Antichrist to You
12. Philosophize in It! Chemicalize with It!
13. Come Sail Away @Cover[835a6d9c-fea0-4a71-ae52-9c4da946433a]
14. The Ballad of Mr. Steak
15. It All Began With a Burst


16. Atticus, in the Desert (Acoustic, in audience)
17. Manchester (Acoustic, in audience)

Tall Tall Trees:

Kishi Bashi:

We last caught up with Rockland County rapper (a hometown guy for us) Kamron Bahani last year when he returned with new single “La Leggenda.” If you don’t know Kamron, we’re here to help you correct that. His style is reminiscent of the golden era with a contemporary twist. He can do it all: have fun, be lyrical, make you smile, make you hate, all with the fundamental reasoning that human emotion correlates to expressionism.

He’s back this year with a new concept album DSM Vl that revolved around mental disabilities. The first offering from this exciting project is “Depersonalization,” a track that tackles multiple personality disorder. It’s a dense topic, not one to be taken lightly, but Bahani takes the sad subject and tries to deliver a fun track anyway.

The song is produced by Blu Majic, and features the natural evolution of an artist who continues to grow with every new release. If you track all the posts we’ve done over the years on this blog, back when he was rocking the Kuhlamity moniker, it’s amazing just how far he’s come.

We are proud to have the exclusive first premiere of “Depersonalization,” which you can stream right now below.

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Last Tuesday, April 25, Gorillaz made their return to New York City for their first U.S. show in seven years. One would think they’d return to one of venues that they previously visited: MSG, The Apollo, or anything with the the capacity to house a band of their size. This was not the case, as they surprised us all with an impossibly intimate show at Rough Trade NYC last Tuesday, April 25. As per usual with special shows at Rough Trade, you had to buy their new album Humanz the morning of the show at 11am – in theory paying about $30 to see the band at such a small venue (the show may be their smallest to date?). Not a bad deal.

With so much advance warning, this meant that Gorillaz diehards were going to literally lineup and camp out in the rain (because of course it was raining) in order to guarantee themselves a shot at gaining entry to one of the hottest shows of the year. This meant that arriving the night before was not an option, but a requirement in order to gain entry. I was one of the fans crazy enough to wait out for a whole 12 hours, arriving at 11pm along with a few dedicated friends, in order to make sure we got that golden ticket. Even arriving when we did placed us only at numbers 52-55. While waiting on line, word began to spread that the capacity for this show was truly 200 instead of the normal 250, as the stage had to be extended in order to fit all of the band. Then when you factored in 50 guestlist spots, it meant that only 150 diehard fans were really getting in. By 3am the line well eclipsed the 150-person mark, and by morning, it stretched past a hopeless 500. A lot of people unfortunately were turned away, but for those who got in, it meant seeing Damon Albarn and friends in a couple of hours – after we caught up on some well needed and deserved sleep.

Before the show, Albarn greeted us with an explanation that they couldn’t deliver the full spectacle of a show with projections or the enormous production that you’d come to expect from an act of their size, but considering where they were playing, it was a part of the charm to see them play in such a barebones manner with just the normal Rough Trade black cloth hanging behind them. They played Humanz from front to back (except the polarizing “Hallelujah Money”), and even brought out a few guests from the album, including Paven Evertt for “Strobelite,” Posdnuos of De La Soul for “Momentz,” Jamie Principle for “Sex Murder Party,” and Kali Uchis for “She’s My Collar.”

Albarn and the rest of the band were in great spirits, enjoying the intimacy of the evening, which allowed them to stare into the eyes of their fans (Albarn even took a hit from a blunt a fan was smoking in the middle of a song) as they ripped through the party anthems of the new album. They really seemed to enjoy playing these new songs, which made for a great disparity in the encore, which featured old staples, “Last Living Souls,” “Kids With Guns,” and of course, “Clint Eastwood.” There were some issues and stop starts with them, but once they got going, the crowd properly lost their mind. For “Clint Eastwood” Albarn asked for a fan who knew Del The Funky Homosapien’s verse to come up and join them, and picked a young lady who actually did resemble Noodle – one of the bands animated characters- and even put on red sunglasses almost recreating the Humanz album art. She apparently was tripping, and tried to deliver the goods as promised, but she really wasn’t heard, but thankfully the crowd did their duty and took over the song, turning the somewhat awkward situation into something memorable.

It was quite a wild 24 hours waiting in the cold to see the band, and who can say a wait like that is ever truly worth it, but I guess the best way to measure that is asking if I’d do it again: Yes, in a heartbeat.

Enjoy some more subpar iPhone shots posted below, along with the setlist:

Gorillaz Setlist:

1. Ascension
2. Strobelite (with Peven Everett)
3. Saturnz Barz
4. Momentz (with Posdnuos of De La Soul)
5. Submission
6. Charger
7. Andromeda
8. Busted and Blue
9. Carnival
10. Let Me Out
11. Sex Murder Party (with Jamie Principle)
12. She’s My Collar (with Kali Uchis)
13. We Got the Power


14. Last Living Souls
15. Kids With Guns
16. Clint Eastwood

All photos by Anthony Bauer

There’s music that’s best heard live, and then there’s music that must be heard live. Put Austin instrumental rockers Explosions In The Sky in the later camp, as you haven’t quite experienced live music until you’ve caught a show from Explosions. Since 2000 the group has released seven albums, with their latest, The Wilderness, coming out last April via Temporary Residence Limited.

Over the years, I’ve seen Explosions In The Sky in about as odd of a collection of venues as you can possibly imagine: Governors Ball, Madison Square Garden and Basilica Soundscape. In truth, each performance was better than the last, with the venues getting slightly more intimate in succession. Here we are in 2017, and the group are still hard at working touring in support of the new record, which brought them back to New York for a performance at the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York on Saturday, April 22.

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All photos by Joe Saturday

On April 22 Toronto-based singer/composer Lydia Ainsworth returned to New York for a performance at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. The show came in support of her new album Darling Of The Afterglow which was released on March 31 via Arbutus Records.

Along with Ainsworth, the show featured performances from openers NOIA and Annie Hart (of Au Revoir Simone).

Our photographer Joe Saturday was at the show and captured photos from all three sets, which you can find posted in the gallery below.
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All photos by Jayson Yee

Believe it or not, it’s been a decade since Ra Ra Riot came storming out of Syracuse University with their debut EP in 2007, collecting a ton of blog buzz and attention along the way.

A lot has changed for the band since then, but they’ve had a nice consistent career, releasing four albums with Barsuk Records and going on to tour all across the globe.

This year they released the EP for the first time on vinyl as a special Record Store Day release and celebrated it further with a sold out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 22 (the same day as RSD) that was a part of a string of shows they did to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the EP.

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All photos by Rachel Barrish

Rockaway Beach indie-pop duo Danny Miller and Max Harwood released their self-titled debut album as Lewis Del Mar last year via Columbia Records, and have steadily built a solid following since then.

On April 21, the group played to a sold out crowd at Music Hall of Williamsburg, almost a year since their last show in the city. They took tracks from the album, as well as their debut EP (also released in 2016). The encore saw the group bring out some special surprises, as both Delicate Steve and Topaz Jones made guest appearances.

Our photographer Rachel Barrish was on hand to capture all the action, find some of her photos from the show posted below.

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Last year saw long-standing indie rockers Miracle Legion reunite for some of their first shows in twenty years. They continued on this year for another tour, which is looking like the final run for now.

They brought the tour to New York for a performance at Bowery Ballroom on Friday, April 21st. I was only seven the last time they properly toured, and had unfortunately missed their stops last year, so I made sure I found my way to this year’s stop at Bowery, as chances are it would be my first and last Miracle Legion show.

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[Contest]: Win A Northside Festival 2017 Badge

By Will Oliver, April 28th 2017 Other

Summer is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing in Brooklyn: the Northside Festival is coming up. Over the year the Brooklyn festival has gotten bigger and better, putting on some major paid and free performances of both established acts as well as new up and comers at more intimate showcases.

This year the festival is sporting an impressive lineup featuring headlining spots from Dirty Projectors, Miguel, Kamasi Washinton, Thursday, Aldous Haring, Big Thief, Girlpool, Hoops, Jay Som, Lower Dens and many more.

The kind team at Northside has graciously given us a badge to giveaway to one luck reader. To enter to win, simply send us an email at weallwantsomeone@gmail.com with NORTHSIDE as the subject, and let us know who you’re most excited excited to see at Northside this year.

If you’re not our lucky winner (apologies in advance) we can still hook you up with a 15% discount off a badge by using the code WEALLWANTSOMEONE17 at checkout for 15% off your badge. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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