It’s hard to find everything by myself. So if you got a news tip that we haven’t posted, found a new mp3 of a hot song, discovered a new band, etc… let us know.

Send all tips to: [email protected]

thanks all!

  • Meg Gilfillan

    We’re a 5-piece band from Austin, tx and would love you to give us a listen! Our first ep, “an introduction to…,” came out february 15th and we’re real proud of it. It’s moody mix of dream pop and southern rock often compared to my morning jacket and band of horses. i hope you like it!

  • UR S MAN Sam Reeves

    Artist/songwriter out of SE Ky released first public project last November Invite you to listen to my music check out bio etc. working on new songs now………

  • donald d
  • Lizzie


    I read (I think it was your blog.. I hope so otherwise I might look like a bit of a tool here) that you only just recently had heard of Metronomy??

    Well they’ve actually got some great remixes that I think you (and others) would enjoy. Check it out 🙂

    ^ Atlantis To Interzone (Metronomy Remix) – Klaxons



  • Karl Ledwith

    Not sure if your into your mix-ups or not, (I know for a fact im not) but tonight I sat through a party with what what Ican only describe as a modern Dj shadow playing in the background, instantly got curious and asked questions. . let the world know Mo Chara

  • Barnabyd

    Noticed that you’ve never written about Crystal Fighters. They’re well worth a listen and have a truly epic live show.

  • Kristina

    Hy! Few days ago I was at the concert of Tesla Boy, a band from Russia. They were brilliant and I think everyone who loves great music should check them out, and if possible go to one of their shows!

  • Timothy

    This band kinda sucks. They are super East Coast. From PA and don’t really have a clue. The poor creativity and raw blandness is refreshing.

  • Timothy
  • Will

    hey, we’re a 3 piece from Norwich in the UK, you can check out our stuff here;


  • Sky
  • Sky

    Good music to chill too…

  • Lewis Wilkinson

    My tip is a band from Bangor, Northern Ireland called Kowalski. Check out their brand new video for their single Outdoors here ———>

  • Anthony jerome


  • Anthony jerome

    sorry this is it

  • Damon





  • susey lou

    I would love for you to come to austin texas, everyone would die for you

  • anthony

    johnny heartbreak is a fresh new artist. Would love for you to check him out.

  • john – definitely one to watch for 2012

  • john

    oops, that’s the link. sorry…

  • Dave

    Check us out and let us know what you think.

    Love the blog.


  • The Godawfuls

    Hey! stompy, soul, blues outfit from New Jersey. Give us an ear!

  • Stefan Weiner

    Hey Will,
    I saw your posts on Warm Weather and Yellow Ostrich and I think you’d really dig what my band Town Hall is doing. Here’s a link to the EP we released a couple weeks ago: Let us know what you think.

  • Kayla

    I would love if you could please put up new posts on a (not so new) band titled Kasabian. (and i am sorry if you have already)

  • Wasted Shade

    Amazing brand new 80’s style dark-synth band. Please check them out! The track “Betrayal” is epic. Show them love.

  • Wasted Shade

    Oh yeah, the bands called Night Vision. Click on my name to be linked to their bandcamp site.

  • Niall Rowan

    singer/songwriter in the vein of Turner, Paul Weller, Lennon, McCartney, Miles Kane etc.

  • Tom

    So much for posting guest posts. Not good enough for ya eh. Snob.

  • Will

    Actually Tom, I am still going through them and will be posting them later this week once my spring breaks starts. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed, buddy?

  • Ben

    Indie Ska band All Over The Place recently released their second album, titled “Leaving Today”. On a label where almost every album is free. Check it out:
    They’re a really interesting local band and I like them a lot.

  • felix Alderisio

    check out a band signed to our label there called SONS BETWEEN GUNS they have already been featured by Tom robinson of 6music and the Blue Walrus’s blog… for info
    or for music

    http://www.rlorecords for more info on us…

  • Jene Simon

    Might wanna check out ydotk. Dude got some hot tracks

  • Brundle Fly

    Hey we’re a band called Brundle Fly, we play alt rock and we’re from philadelphia. Check us out

  • James

    Hey, here’s a good Halloween song/video for you guys if you’re looking!

  • Mesmerist

    Hey there! My name is Mesmerist, and I’m a house music producer from the United States. I have just finished my debut album, Interactions, and I just wanted to get the word out about it. If you can, please check it out from the links below. Thanks!

  • Violet

    There’s a band called Fireal (formerly known as Bleak) from Finland. They are a perfect band to represent the Finnish alternative rock scene. Great music if you like your rock hard (and somewhat industrial) but don’t want to go all the way to heavy metal.

    Check the music from Reverbnation:

  • Gerry

    I use:

    For finding new music, very helpful….

  • Will Wright

    Check out GirlsOnDrugs –

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